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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Kitchen Witch A Memoir

Kitchen Witch A Memoir Cover

Book: Kitchen Witch A Memoir by Cora Anderson

This books is a personal narrative filled with homespun wisdom, this memoir recounts the life and times of one of the founders behind the Feri tradition of modern Neopagan witchcraft. Revealing the author’s journey through an intriguing collection of challenging circumstances and memorable experiences, this account ranges from an impoverished childhood in rural Alabama during the Great Depression to her marriage to the blind poet, shaman, and cofounder of the Feri tradition, Victor H. Anderson. Warm, intimate, and bittersweet, this glimpse into the world of a true American “kitchen witch” includes recipes, personal spells, and poetry, demonstrating an extensive knowledge of a craft held in high regard by healers and folk magicians of the rural South.

"A delightful, sorrowful, but overall amazing account of a woman’s and a witch's life. . . . An autobiography that any hearth or kitchen witch would love, as at her core, it was who Cora Anderson was. . . . A beautiful book full of beautiful tales and wisdom." — Pagan Bookworm

"Visiting Victor and Cora meant stepping into a magical realm hidden behind the facade of an ordinary suburban house. Victor would sit in his rocking chair; I'd ask questions, and he would roam the galaxies in his answers. Cora would chime in with warmth, wisdom and common sense. And then we might go do magic." — Starhawk, author, The Spiral Dance

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