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Friday, 9 July 2010

Beginner Witchcraft

Beginner Witchcraft Cover Creating an aura of mystery and magic, witchcraft has always been a fascinating and mesmerising concept for all at all periods of time. Spanning ages and centuries, throughout history, witchcraft has been limited to and practised by certain people, men and women, who have also been looked at with awe, fear, and sometimes, hatred. However, even today, Beginner Witchcraft is sought by people, wishing to engage themselves and learn the mysterious discipline.

So what does Beginner Witchcraft mean?

Beginner Witchcraft refers to the knowledge that aspiring witches learn and understand to gain an insight into the basics and fundamentals of the religion and practice of witchcraft.

Contrary to the widespread belief that Beginner Witchcraft includes learning advanced magical spells, reading loads of Witchcraft And Wicca books and resources, and many others, Beginner Witchcraft, in reality, includes a careful orientation of our bodies and minds towards the elemental forces of nature.

To enable aspiring witches, numerous books and resources are available which will help them to learn about Beginner Witchcraft. True, reading about the fundamentals of witchcraft from books and other resources is indeed essential; however, equally or even more important is gaining an insight into the workings of nature.

Tuning our minds and observing the minute details of nature, besides confirming to certain fundamental and highly essential rules helps in paving the path towards Beginner Witchcraft. Research states that observing the different patterns of moon, such as full moon, waxing phase, wanning moon phase, and many more. Even different seasons, life patterns of insects, and plants, besides others should also be observed to get closer to the elements of nature and their vibrations.

Meditation is also considered to be an important part of Beginner Witchcraft. Candles and incenses also help in creating an aura of peacefulness and sacredness. Setting aside a place for meditating, making herbal gardens, learning to distinguish different types of herbs and plants, and related activities, help in gaining the basics of witchcraft.

Beginner Witchcraft involves reading, observing minute details of nature, and tuning our minds and bodies to the changes occurring around us. It even includes learning of basic spells, divination, and others, but should always be learnt from experienced and learned witches.

A concoction of mystery and magic, Beginner Witchcraft is highly interesting and fascinating to learn and practice.

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