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Monday, 19 July 2010

The Sin Of Witchcraft

The Sin Of Witchcraft Cover "Unfortunately, by the Bible's standards, many of the practices done by pagans dishonor Elohim. Again, I do believe this is using the Bible when and where convenient, while completely ignoring the rest."

I'm sure you would agree that we ALL do things from time to time that dishonor the Divine to some degree. A passage in the OT lists the sin of "witchcraft{" right up there with getting a tattoo and shaving or trimming a beard. The fact that most people today do not consider getting a tattoo or shaving a sin, seems to prove your statement about ignoring the parts of the Bible that are not convenient. I'm just curious ... do you feel that shaving dishonors Elohim too?

It would be very helpful if you would clarify exactly what behavior you mean when you say "many of the practices done by pagans dishonor Elohim". . In our previous posts we have already covered prophecy and fortune-telling, but quite honestly, very few of the Pagans or wiccans I know claim to do this anyway. MOST are drawn to these paths simply because of their love for nature and animals. They have a deep respect for our Mother Earth and all living things. Like Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus, they feel closer to God on a mountain top, in the wilderness or even in the desert, and they prefer to seek divine guidance in these places. I understand and share these feelings, and I'm fairly sure it's not this love for nature that you feel dishonors the Divine.

I honestly can't think of anything significant the average pagan or wiccan does that Christians don't also do. When I began to follow the Wiccan path, I asked several Christians I knew to let me know if they caught me doing anything that the Bible said I shouldn't. So far, no one has identified ANY behavior in my life that is condemned by the Scriptures. You seem to feel that Wiccans and Pagans are living a sinful life. Perhaps you could clarify for me what practices we actually do that dishonors God.

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