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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What Is The Magic Ritual In Witchcraft

What Is The Magic Ritual In Witchcraft Cover In nearly all witchcraft traditions, the ritual is a type of ceremony or practise that is designed to invoke a magical God or Godess. The ritual itself, creates a link between the physical and spiritual worlds, calling on and harnessing the power of natural and spiritual energies.

Therefore, in our magical work, the ritual is used as a way of connecting with the spiritual world - to celebrate, ask for guidance, make requests or to simply give thanks.

It is important to keep in mind, that the ritual always follows a recognised sequence of steps each time (hence the term 'ritualistic'). It is vital that in parallel with following the steps of the ritual, you make a real conscious effort to engage your mind, body and soul; without which, you will simply be 'going through the motions' of ritual and not truly 'connecting'. This 'engagement' comes quite quickly, with a little practise and confidence. You'll be surprised how soon you can feel yourself connecting to the elements of nature and spirit entities.

In natural magic, the ritual is most often used to celebrate one of the main eight festivals (or sabbat's) of the year; such as 'Mabon' celebrating the second harvest, or 'Yule' celebrating the winter solstice. The main festival on the witchcraft calendar is Samhain (pronounced Sel-wain), which takes place at Halloween (31st October) and is generally known as the witches new year.

The magic ritual is not always linked to one of the main sabbats. Rituals are also done at other key times outside of the main festivals, particularly during a full moon, where the strong lunar energy is harnessed to conduct the full moon ritual.

During such rituals, the main purposes is to focus your intent and energy on your objective. Therefore, for any ritual, you must clearly and precisely state the objective, whether working alone or within a group. Within a group ritual, everyone must be equally clear and agree to the purpose of the ritual. It is worth mentioning at this point, that at first, many people can feel self conscious or embarrassed, particularly when working in a group setting. Don't worry about this - it is quite normal - just persevere with it and in no time at all, you will feel much more confident and at ease working rituals and begin to reap the rewards of natural magic.

In natural magic, rituals are often designed to make you think about what it is in your life that is holding you back as a person - it could be a job, another person, or simply having a lack of confidence in yourself. By releasing these issues that are holding you back through the ritual, you are creating space for newer and more positive aspects to come into your life. But it is well worth remembering, that what you release through this process may not just disappear overnight; very often a situation that is dis-empowering us, is just an indicator of a situation that has a root cause further back in our life.

Rituals are used to create a time and space where you can switch off from the everyday and become connected to the bigger universal picture. Once connected to theses energies, you are then able to develop a greater understanding of them. They also help you to develop a greater understanding of yourself and to bring change not only in a physical way. i.e. more money - better job etc., but perhaps more importantly, to bring change to your spiritual/inner self.

Natural Magic as a modern approach to witchcraft teaches our students how to access and harness these incredible natural energies that our ancestors did and teaches them, through practical easy lessons - how they too can harness these energies - empowering them to experience a completely new, enlightening and liberating dimension to their life and how they want to live it. Natural Magic has enabled them to tap into and release the previously dormant but incredible magic spirit that resides in all of us.

Could Natural Magic be what you've been looking for?

My name is Andrew Vaughan and I was introduced to Natural Magic by my wife nearly 10 years ago. My wife is one of the founder members of the Natural Magic group who practise in and around Sussex in the UK.

Her experience with Pagan, wicca and Natural Magic goes back nearly 25 years and with the help of other founder members, the group have produced a comprehensive course which teaches the Natural Magic approach.

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