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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Tantra And Witchcraft Defamed As Black Magic Tricks Violating Moral Ethics

Tantra And Witchcraft Defamed As Black Magic Tricks Violating Moral Ethics Cover "Both - tantra and witchcraft - were defamed as black magic tricks violating moral ethics of society... tantric practitioners in India and witches all over the world were killed en-mass during ancient and medieval periods of history." - I stated the well-known historical fact in front of Eva. "Were they really magicians?" - She looked at me in disbelief.

"Honesty is the biggest magic - not the Black Magic using evil magic tricks - and they were honest to the core of their heart. And when their heart said, "Love", they did. How could our artificial moral ethics - that we humans have built our monumental culture on the foundation of - tolerate getting jolted at its very base? They charged them with immorality, satanic ritual abuse, blood libel, spells, necromancy, idolatry, wicca and shamanism; which ultimately resulted in large scale repression of the both - massacre of the saivist tantra practitioners in Kashmir by the proponents of yoga and witch-hunts along with witch-burning at the hands of people and religious and political establishments of the lands and the times the world over!" - I dug a little bit of history to her. "Yes, I heard things like that." - She was looking to be in pain. I stopped for a while... to play the game of life a bit slower...

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