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Friday, 23 July 2010

Witchcraft Magick

Witchcraft Magick Cover Magick is the term used to classify different alternative and New Age practices into one category. All of these practices involve the cause of change by non-physical means, whether it be the power to transform oneself or others.

The word "Magick" was coined to differentiate serious magic from the staged, sleight of hand kind, such as is done by David Copperfield and others. In layman's terms, magick entails manipulating energy and focusing the will, often utilizing rituals and items containing certain properties, to accomplish a goal. This is admittedly a rather simple explanation, and the study and successful use of magick and magickal powers is a lifelong proposition. The annals of magickal history go back to the beginnings of mankind, and indeed, more information on magick has probably been lost in history than exists in all our resources today.

Magick is a powerful resource, and though it cannot be measured or proved by science, it cannot be disproved by science either. In and of itself, Magick is neither good or bad. The INTENT of the practitioner is what separates White Magick from Black Magick.

In modern America, the word Magick has become somehow intertwined with the wiccan religion, but this is not a very accurate correlation. Not every Wiccan practices Magick, and not everyone who practices Magick adheres to the Wiccan religion.

Magick and witchcraft are both essentially based on the fact that we, as spiritual beings, have innate powers to manipulate the world around us. The premise is that with practice, we can hone these innate powers to reach our aspirations and goals. Whether we use these powers for good or bad is up to us, and both scenarios will be covered on these pages. This page will strive to define the elements used in Magick and what they mean, pinpoint specific known properties of common magickal items and herbs, and provide tutorials aimed at tapping into the powers needed to successfully perform simple magick spells and rituals.

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Some of these practices include:
Alchemy: The process of trying to turn metal into gold.
Witchcraft/Wicca: Appealing to the God/ Goddess for change and healing.
Astral Projection: The practices of having a person’s soul leave the body for a period of time.
ESP: The ability to speak to another person without speech through use of their minds.

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