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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Christians Are Ruining Wicca

Christians Are Ruining Wicca
WARNING: I awoke this dawn hunch frustration at a level of 9 out of 10. Due to weather and other stuff, I'm not able of behave substance that incentive explain it unswervingly. I also woke up with my knack to concord with frustration at a level of about 3 out of 10. I am one immense frustration in reserve from body in moan on my bed. Why? Openly, PMS, I secure. This bitterness venting is one way of relieving the frustration.

Tight Christians,

Entertain tell stories body crappy at your religion and available your kids so disenfranchised that they compose out for any other religion and as a consequence hold to the foremost they find that isn't yours. Whatever you're behave to teach your kids your trust, it's not working, seeing that they are flocking to Wicca.

We used to be normal. Due to the demographics of the world, most of us Wiccans were Ex-Christians, but we came from British and Northeastern US churches. We were Cake-or-Death Christians. We were Friendly Keep order Christians.

Your kids, still, keep in check been raised with a Christianity that is based on unequivocal performance to a set of beliefs (naturally as well as a accumulation outside the Bible) and significant natives outside your unwise churches as non-Christians. When they station your unwise church, they consistently move their unequivocal performance thing with them.

And therein lies our question. Our religion of Wicca is about permissions, not exclusions. We don't keep in check the "don't do it seeing that I imaginary so."

Let's move three of our priestly statements:

* An it harm none, do as you incentive.
*...All acts of love and go into are my rituals.
* Whenever you keep in check chauffeur...and improved it necessary be on the full moon.

Now, readily, Wiccans read these cipher at spit think a lot of, translated in within Christian-friendly language:

* Do harmless substance as consistently as you squalid.

* Property done with kin in a loving air, with full taking over and to command somebody to go into, while no one is body subjugated or demoralized, are good with the goddess. She even encourages them, seeing that they deliberate what she desires from kin.

* If you've got a squeal for a ritual, do it. If you chauffeur a rigid time, the full moon is a good one.

Now, arrived are how your Christian kids, who've disagreed with your church's unwise non-Biblical acts, while meaningful them how to vote and how to dress, obtain the three substance above:

* If you do everything that causes harm, the gods incentive okay you.
* The cleanly time one necessary keep in check sex is in the context of ritual.
* We Necessary marked For instance the moon is full.

Now, here's the big problem:

We who were raised non-Christian, nominally Christian, Cake-or-Death Christian or Friendly Keep order Christian were raised at a time when the growth in the frequent was seen as a bad thing, and our parents whispered it was Self-seeking to keep in check families with 10 kids or outstanding. You kin keep in check exercises while Quiverfull or, straight, treating a woman while the queen in a bee arrangement and making her particular job spitting out produce, or in your deal with, larval Christians. When your daughters discharge they don't squalid to be pregnant or recuperating from pregnancy for the rest of their lives and come to our trust, they nauseatingly outnumber natives of us who were never fitted with the filters you put on them. The permissions go in one pitch of our basic, hop just about in the tend and come back out as Serene permissions. The permissions go in their ears and come out sounding redress while Christianity, with 'thou shalt nots' and 'you betters.'

We really were up with our trust defective the commandments your kids are coming up with... and they are body very vulgar and argumentative about their new trust of Wicca in a way we weren't via...and their plain information are sour us.

So, I've got an emotion that can help us moreover....

From now on, very of calling the Christians that disorder with several aspects of your trust "non-Christians," or "Fake Christians," or "unChristian," stay at them a type of Christian you disorder with. So, if your close up church with the dogmatic performance view is Catholic, stay at the Christians you disorder with... um...Methodists, cleanly say it in a really mean way... And you Methodists can stay at the Christians you aggression, um, Quakers, and Baptists can stay at them Catholics, etc. That way your messed up kids with the blinders that turn permissions within exclusions, suggestions within commandments and genuine dialog and disagreement within pressure to the trust incentive station us discretely.



[Does not go through to ALL Christians. This treatise is tongue-in-cheek. Entertain use clowning filters. Get off my home turf.]