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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Character Is Destiny Piet Mondrian And His Horoscope

Character Is Destiny Piet Mondrian And His Horoscope
In recent times the Netherlands Regulation for Art Lineage acquired the Annoy Holtzman House on Piet Mondrian. Between the very few records Mondrian preserved until his death is an full of character one: the horoscope Mondrian had feeble for him at the back of 1911-early 1912.

Beforehand in 1993-1994, as I was working on the event "Piet Mondrian 1892-1914. The Amsterdam Living" in the Amsterdam City Chronicles - now housed in the council expected by Mondrian's co-theosophist Karel de Bazel - I had a quantity of symposium with my ally Robert Welsh about the horoscope. I wondered which insights Mondrian had feeble from it, with regard to his nature and his employment. Judging from the vast get together with I undressed in vogue my investigations, it had become crass that Mondrian was not the ceremonial, quiet man he has perpetually been judged to be. A beat classification would be: a solitary existence by his fellow humanity, someone who weaved in and out of social circles in a initiate and brazen, but at the self-same time unfriendly, self-governing and reflexive way. 'Piet, now you see him, now you don't', was the glib arrive of him at loggia openings in Paris.

Yesterday, on 7 Expound 2013, the centennial of Mondrian, the website www.mondriaan.nl was launched. Posthumously Mondrian customary an serious and modern centennial present. In distinct way Mondrian himself celebrated his centennial on 7 Expound 1908 by treating himself to the warning Rudolf Steiner gave in Amsterdam. He set aside the Dutch proceedings of Steiner's lectures all his life, together with his horoscope. Most likely they said future to him.

The maker of the horoscope was Adriaan van de Vijsel. It is typeset at the back of the horoscope. Ah, Adriaan! Another name I know from the input list of the Theosophical Foundation. Adriaan was an post clerk and became a example in Expound 1905. His brother Arie and his nephew, to boot named Arie, were or became a example too. I to boot knew that Adriaan had conjugal the toddler of the sculptor Bart van Hove. Father-in-law had been the upper of the Quellinus Art Scholastic (from which e.g. De Bazel graduated) and late that he skilled bronze at the Rijksakademie, which Mondrian attended. Also, Bart van Hove was be first of the artists' hammer Arti et Amicitiae, of which Mondrian was a example.

Surfing internet on best quality information about Adriaan - back subsequently in 1994 Google was not so rewarding in its sources - I naked, to my clutch, that his toddler was inert vital and tossing and turning. Launch week, on 12 Expound, she energy turn 95. I tracked her down and visited her two weeks ago for best quality information on Adriaan. And for photo's. Who was he? Being was he like?

Adriaan was a descendent of a line of reforest traders. As the oldest son he would embrace had to cast better the manor, but clearly he was beat in books. On a quantity of photo's he sits donate, thoroughly reading a crusted book. But Adriaan was not a lifeless guy. He appears to embrace been perilous from an youthful age. Demolish yet he found a change for his navy service in Holland, he served in the Dutch colonial navy in the East-Indies and traveled verbalize the islands until 1905, late which he returned to Amsterdam. His youthful keep busy was in alchemy and sincerely remedial herbs. He translated a book by Paracelsus from Latin trendy Dutch in 1913. Adriaan was submerged in every esoteric syndicate subsequently widespread. In 1916, he bought a 40 hectare rip up of lumber in Den Dolder - a place subsequently sincerely common for its celebrated clinic for the insane. Adriaan worked his crash into off, but with his add-on partner he efficiently turned the woods trendy an planetary herb garden. In the midst of his partner he traveled Europe by quantity, not easy to find dying out herbs. The garden products were sold to apothecaries and factories of homeopathic remedy. The Van de Vijsels set aside an open house for equivalence minds.

But how did Adriaan and Piet Mondrian meet? Short levelheaded evidence - ban for the horoscope - I energy embrace to yell the augur.

Mondrian definitely sought-after reforest for his picture frames. Brother Arie van de Vijsel, theosophist what 1908, had a roll store at Ceintuurbaan 330. You can spit from donate to Mondrian's house at Sarphatipark 42, where he lived what 1908. That would firm evidence down conveniently. But Mondrian lived at Albert Cuypstraat 158 back that, which is to boot not far to the right. So this does not sort out the distribute.

Would sister Constantia van de Vijsel be a beat pour then? She was a example of Arti et Amicitiae, equivalence Mondrian. She studied at the Rijksakademie from 1902 until 1910.

So donate is sister Ida van de Vijsel. In 1910 Ida van de Vijsel conjugal Hendrik Teves in the Dutch Indies and she lived donate for a hunger time, credibly until 1928. But Ida is in the worksheet of the Netherlands Regulation for Art Lineage as an actress. She was to boot eligible at the Rijksakademie, by Nicolaas van de Waaij. In his list of students a quantity of names pop up in demand similarity with Mondriaan. The 'Amsterdam joffers (misses)' Lizzy Ansingh, Betsy Westendorp-Osieck and Betsy Repelius. Mondrian colored two ceilings for the last-mentioned Betsy in 1904. So Leo Gestel and Jan Sluijters, the Dutch 'luminists'. Sluijters, Mondrian and the theosophist Kees Spoor exhibited together in the Stedelijk Museum in 1909; this event actually was the opportunity into the open of Mondrian as a theosophical painter. In the list to boot the theosophists Loe Reelfs and Herman Mees are mentioned, and Pieter van der Hem who lived in the self-same house as Mondrian at Sarphatipark. In short: this teeny weeny get together with offers a lot of augur.

Ida is an full of character connect. In the same way as Adriaan van de Vijsel's toddler told me hence. The two works mentioned in the Mondrian Catalogue Raisonn'e as The Subdued Tree (A673) and a view (A696) and dull by Welsh at 1907-1909, tell on a failing acknowledgment. They were not in asset of either Adriaan or W.C. van Dijk, who are mentioned as the initial owners. No, Adriaan customary these works late WWII from his sister Ida. Adriaan static had read what the sell be aware of these works had become, and refused to bring forth them for uncommon private reasons, one of them not to attract thieves.

So donate is a grasp but full of character connect. Namely: Greta Heijbroek. Mondrian is said to embrace aspect her sculpture lessons in 1909. In 1911 they became unavailable, to everybody's clutch. Heijbroek...? The name to boot surfaces in the Van de Vijsel lineage. Yes, by Jove! Greta was a cousin through her aunt! Now I become prying in the guest book of the lineage Heijbroek again! Who exceedingly are mentioned?

All in all however: no conclusive evidence, but a lot of leads. Perhaps dating the horoscope is best done through the horoscope itself? Better said: "horoscopes", in plural. Mondrian had, in fact, two frozen. Excel he asked for a try-out horoscope'. It is numbered 1422 - Adriaan clearly was a assiduous and weathered astrologist. He had licensed himself in the new type of astrology, full-fledged top in theosophical circles, which manner is now recurrently used in the Western world. Jutta Lehmann wrote a thesis on it in 1998.

The trial horoscope is, by foundation, brusque. It scarcely provides a gruff arrive of Mondrian's peak carrying great weight elements: sun sign (Pisces), budding sign (Aquarius) and moon sign (Aquarius). Adriaan called the difference in the company of sun and moon 'the polarity' - a set phrase Mondrian would use abundantly in his detect art.

The synthesis of the citation of Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Aquarius, indicating of your hang loose and private natural world, shows love for foundation in its peak basic produce, and at the self-same time your mold convey and receptiveness to come trendy forward with the buried. It shows views which are approximately regarded as eerie.

Your longings and needs are strong and energy systematically be relaxed. You energy absolutely make friends, move carelessly by men and you energy scarcely be dainty in a publicly oriented life, where you can mix together by humanity.

A love of foundation, but subsequently in its simplest form, an receptiveness to the occult, and eerie views. It is as if in vogue Mondrian's reverie and his platform in modern art is predicted. And it to boot contains the believe, why Mondrian ought embrace felt that moving swiftly to the set in motion and objection of Paris would be of gain to his employment.

The trial horoscope was essentially a prognosis. I did not be set to such a prognosis, so this is not the unpretentious correctness in astrology. Relatives are top prying in a individual arrive, based on a biological horoscope. In Mondrian's warfare, it was the other way harm. The gruff current of air tickled him to buy a join biological horoscope for 3 guilders. This one ought embrace been ended late January 1912 - the same as he was in Paris sooner than - so a note exists from the Praising Registry in Amersfoort, dull January 30 1912, in which Mondrian receives the time of his biological, which is sought-after to make an total biological horoscope.

Which prognoses were in the trial horoscope, which may transmute his fair and square swiftly move to Paris?

The time counterpart with indisputable prognoses were written in the greater part by Adriaan afterwards. Dissimilar by '1911' it reads: You are now best quality exact and best quality susceptible than film set, throbbing to the dispositions of your surroundings.' So, struck out: in vogue the grasp months you embrace together new knots and you energy do this in vogue the next four months.' This abstraction may billboard that at the time Mondrian customary this horoscope, this transit had sooner than agreed. Or that he did this late he was thoroughly sedate in Paris.

Gone from the part on 1912 Mondrian wrote 'Jan.[uary]' better the calendar day '1912' written by Adriaan in the greater part. So Adriaan wrote 1912 not here from it anew. It looks as if the two men had been discussing the horoscope together and that at that second the dates were written in the greater part. The astrological aspect in enterprise was the citation of Uranus, so Adrian hinted at swiftly and dying changes'. His construal reads: 'The time is opportune for applying some new dint to practice, your conserve of citation is cumulative exact as your locate of mortal.'

The engagement 1913 would bring Mondrian new ties, '...yes, it can even be the warfare that you mediate to tie the knot.' The aspect concerned was the Moon (feelings) moving through the seventh house of partnerships from the end of 1912 and at the self-same time Mars conjunct Venus.

This vision was absence to Mondrian's hustle locate about relationships; he had out of order off his stroke to Greta Heijbroek not hunger back. Or did he break off the stroke, so of the inflowing promises in his horoscope? Nonetheless, minute allowance is common about a love difference in 1913, let preoccupied a put in order to tie the knot.

Well, astrological prognoses are "interpretations of energy constellations", and these interpretations contain advices as to how you may well and must go with the gush of aspects and transits, so these belong to your various edifying trip in life. Hostile them energy scarcely bequeath lustful displeasure. (So you to boot learn of course, but not what was earliest imaginary, cosmically.)

So how did this 1913 transit work for Mondrian? Venus in astrology not scarcely symbolizes love, but to boot originality and the arts. Mondrian ended use of this energy to go to Paris, mix together with new artistic humanity and find design for a new illustrative communication. This is in grasp with the grasp ruling of the part '1913', so Adriaan wrote: 'If you put your test trendy is, your work can attract best quality assistance and best quality grasp.'

The 1914 prognosis coincides with the bring about in which Mondrian, so of the spate of WWI, was forced to impede in Holland late a fall to his doubtful shock. 'An what but opportune bring about, Adriaan wrote, 'It is beat not to trigger changes or to travel, excluding this may not be gratuitous. It is a time of heavy-duty load and drudgery, for which you energy yearn all your fortitude to work your way through, but it energy embrace vivid effect.'

Mondrian worked very, very harsh in Holland. He rose out of this transit as an detect actress and as the transcendent kindly within De Stijl cause.