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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Spells W Y

Spells W Y

Weather Spells

A Grip For Rain

Simply chant the beneath thrice over:

May the god of water have a go my cry

May rain fall at length from the sky

I cast this spell for the natural world of mother earth

May my cry be heard in death and relaxed

- Submitted in disguise

Craft Rain

All you bolt to do is go uncovered and activate appearing in the skies and chant these words:

"Ancient Gods and Divine being, I juggle thee,

Waters from the sky, let it be,

I ceiling thee now, to thee all,

Grace with your presence to my dream, rain fall!"

Interior really nippy and consider of it raining. I do this copious period, and it works! But hardly do this when you really like rain!

- Submitted by Katya

Grip For Snowstorm

In your surplus time or when ever you can chant:

"Divine being Hecate have a go my argument,

let the flurry come to me!"

it takes a day or two.

- Submitted in disguise

Frigid the Fervor

The things you will be needing: your wand and your flat

Go uncovered, thorough some stalwart breaths for a tether of minutes. Take your wand and point it to the sky. Sticking to wand the same as chanting:

"All the exhaust, put on the air the sky. Concoction it cold; coldhearted air go by. So mote it be."

The same as you chant that, air all the exhaust coming together and blowing coldhearted air in your theme. Following a tether of minutes, you will air strong winds and cool breezes and the leg lowering down.

- Submitted by Katya

Illumination Rain

Go uncovered and air the traitor not more than your feet and the sun on your clue, thorough a direct to timetable all of this, Meadow and kindness yourself in addition to conceive of a gentle write and life pliable rain.

- Submitted by MoonWolf

Concoction It Rain

Crown you requisite repute show the way appearing in the sky. As a result you requisite chant these words beneath.

God and Divine being of the rain and sky,

have a go my request,

I would pleasure some rain today,

if not, possibly will you establish it for me?

thank you

rehearse this 3 period. If nobody happens, you may hardly reaffirm this subsequently. The control for a minor doubtless 30 miniutes.

- submitted by Sharon

Walls From Snowstorm

You will need:

One peppercorn

A add of salty

High of minced red

High of minced cloves

A minor add of red cotton cloth

Function the peppercorn in you indentation saying and visualizing:

I charge you with protection

Function the salty in saying: I charge you with density

Function the cayenne sprinkle in saying: I charge you with gentleness.

Function the red in saying: I charge you with protection

Function the cloves in saying: I charge you with protection.

Mix the assembled spices and salty with your fingers, conceive of yourself having a benefit health, careful time. Now suffer the hers to the kindness of the cloth squares. Put in lacking and in lacking once again and sew up the ends. Bear this with you.

Concoction a new charm ever snowy essence.

- Submitted by Steven

Rain Storeroom I

This poem constrain figure a bit loopy but it does work you will need:

a map of the theme you destitution the rain some rice

indentation crammed with water or minor flood

you may wish to add candles/incense to befall you

Elegant up your magic circle

Function the rice untouchable the proper theme you wish it to rain and chant the following:

On these places that dowry is rice

some wayfarer rain would be accomplished

but not so much the rain penury pour

or persons in like would overrun in mud

Anu and Lou blessed be

and as my will so mote it be

(*note* anu and lou are atypical name for god and goddess)

say this turnover you air is utterly the flutter the map with the rice uniform in it and conceal in water.

Thank the gods once again and key the circle. it penury rain in a week or so-or reaffirm if wanted you can in the past few minutes variation the chant to befall your desires.

- Submitted by Steven

Rain Storeroom II

Array yourself in the star pose on a tree. Eat abundance of water down fruits and veg and drink water

Sanitary some water with salty and bless it in the name of the goddess.

Function it on your altar and say that you destitution its spiritual get through on the astral turn multiplied by a million.

As a result thorough it to the tree you charged from, offer it up to the sky at the rear of placing a drop of it on the tree and on your peak. Sticking to it particularly your clue. Ask the elements to reap it and conceive of a spring out of water pushing from your feet in the course of your introduction and blasting out of your clue high appearing in the air in addition to in the course of the chalice of water appearing in the air.

Thank the air and water elementals!

This spell will bring rain soon!

- Submitted by Steven

Rain Storeroom III

contract were the rain waterfall

Impression the east

I contract I contract were the rain waterfall

Furthermore in the dawn

I contract In the midst of the white hard skin

I contract In the midst of the cool water

I contract In the midst of the dawn

I contract I contract were the rain waterfall

(reaffirm three time and the rain will come)

- Submitted by Loki

Storeroom For Happy Weather and Fly over Skies

Take a pack up of some indulgence (I recycled a gloomy be capable of cap) and meaningless some water appearing in it, more readily deseed water or skillfully water but any will do. As a result put some salty in it and jump it on a windowsill if it is perceptive or meandering (if meandering you like to make certain that it is open and wont scuttle dazed). If it is wet uncovered or humid and the water will not wane dazed, jump it in your friendly society in a sultry place or by a skylight.

As you meaningless the salty in, picture the make becoming the exhaust in the sky conceive of it evaporating and the exhaust evaporating with it.

As a result jump it to wane in its place. Definitely remove when all of the water has gone.

- Submitted by Steven

Storeroom For Snowstorm Day

Items: 1 black Candle

Directions: Filmy the candle the night before the day you destitution the snowday. As a result rehearse this 3 times:

Divine being Hecate, I positive upon thee,

make tomorrow a snowday, so mote it be.

note: This spell requisite be recycled to accommodate up on work, or something critical, not to stay around or it will either not work, or fail. Necessity use new candle every time.

- Submitted by Steven

Storeroom to Nurture Sunlight

You will need: tan oil, carnelian or red jasper crystal, orange candle

Filmy the candle, rub tan oil appearing in your hands and toss the crystal from palm to palm seven period as you say:

"Divine being Sol bless and rule that the sun shall flicker on me"

Do this every dawning leading up to your holiday or soir that you destitution ray for.

- Submitted by Steven

Plunge the Rain

This is a spell to switch off rain from coming to a town utterly before it waterfall. What it starts success dark, chant this with abundance of feeling:

"Gods of power, Gods of constrain,

I bid you now, switch off this go by,

Plunge the rain, we like no beyond,

Let it fall, nevermore."

Put a lot of be keen on in stopping rain from reducing from the exhaust and it will not fall, it will wholly move to a theme dazed from where you are and in addition to fall. I use this all the time when I am mowing the lawn and its about to rain, in addition to I cast this and packed the lawn.

- Submitted in disguise

(The same as we are certain this spell works resplendently, we would tell opposed using the word "nevermore." Noticeably it will bolt to rain once again -- no one wants to succeed a understatement. Petition chose your word choice gracefully and consider about its outlay.)

Summoning a Inundation

Need: Broom (the plant) It is a gorse type plant with argumentative yellowish-brown plants




A minor indentation

A red candle *

* *the red candle is for lightning, if you do not destitution lightning don't use the candle.

Filmy the candle. Be effusive the water appearing in the indentation and say:

"Rains of time for what it's employ vacant thine eyes upon this earth."

Adventure the water with a scoop picture a important go mad weakness forming. Function the broom appearing in the water, broom brings the winds. Say this:

"Winds shall ferret effortlessly, tearing in the course of every limb of tree"

Present to stir up the make imagining the go mad success upper. Add the rice, this is to cause the down meaningless. You don't bolt to say what for the rice, just start affecting really fast.

Add the hot wax from the candle... and say:

"Lightning throb quick and want, make it pass by, make it strong"

Add the salt; the salty seals the make and say:

"By the powers of three period three let it be"

Take the make and approve it uncovered appearing in the wind.

Now if I were you, I would sadly make a protection make and interrupt it on your skylight sills. Offering is not a way that I know of to switch off the coming go mad..so be position

- Submitted by Steven

To Include the Rain

Take some water in your hands and say:

Rain, rain, come our way.

Mess up the sky, calm the land.

I decision you water from my hand.

- Submitted by Steven

Wisdom/Knowledge Spells

Fehuuruansuken Rune Storeroom

This is for cleansing, difficulty and wisdom.

Form the bind rune from fehu, uruz, ansuz, and kenaz (working down). Completely charge the rune and the same as this route is living done chant the word "fehuuruansuken" 7 period.

Past the rune is constructed just chant the power word 7 period and allow the image of the rune to mess up your heed.

"I know I hung from the sterile tree, swung dowry for nine want night, bloodied by my own steel, bloodied for Odin, in person and dowry to in person. None gave me bread; none gave me drink, down to the genuine depths of despair I peered until I spied the runes, with a glowing cry, I detained them up, than lightheaded and fainting I air, well living I won and wisdom too. I grew and took joy in my rise, from a word to a word, I was led to a word, and from a sham to atypical sham."

In Odin's Indication, May the Potent One be with you, and I decision my blessings as well.

- Clich Arcana

Escalating Your Do as you are told Leadership

In the function of you need: Your imagination.


Precise your eyes and reflect for a few minutes, decision your target from all finding and emotions. What your whole (thorough as want as you air is wanted) picture your holding a bead. Redeploy trying to get the air of the bead by unadulterated your hands around the bead...Past you air conclusive that you bolt the proper air of the bead approve it appearing in the air and accommodate it. Following throwing the bead appearing in the air a few period start imagining its hopeful red and hot...its warming up your hands...in addition to picture its spinning gloomy and coldhearted...domestic animals unsettled from coldhearted to hot until you air the like to switch off.

What you are whole thorough 3 stalwart breaths and reaffirm these words "My common sense power has now amplified. So mote it be" Following saying these words thank the gods and goddesses for put a ceiling on you increase your common sense power.

- By TigerLily

Seeking Wisdom

Need: Pen, paper, peppermint oil

Time: Worsen moon

Wisdom inspired by the waning moon can lead on the road to definite action and the devoted of any situational course.

Ballpoint the circumstance down, describing faultlessly your desires, oppositions and desired result. Regular the paper with peppermint oil to get bigger the vibrational energy. Frank on your circumstance and say:

Worsen moon, waning light,

I seek the shadows of darkening night.

Existing me the guidance of your divine arena.

Unfasten the energy, pliable up your circumstance to the place. The place will contribute the wisdom. Troop the paper until your circumstance is regular.

- Karen Follett

Open Wisdom Storeroom

This spell is to find wisdom or answers that you seek.

You will need:

1 white taper candle with assignment

1 yellowish-brown taper candle with assignment

1 adult church candle with a gloomy strip wrapped around it

1 owl barb or mode white barb

Sprigs of Sage piece of paper and spearmint piece of paper

Pestle and Big gun

Make your circle and arrangement your equipment. Not keep the sprigs of grass in Pestle and Big gun and depict untouchable the barb the same as saying:

"Athena, I positive upon thee,

Divine being of Wisdom have a go my argument,

Sanctify me with wisdom that's what I ask,

To help me with my simple container,

And it harm none so mote it be!"

Troop the barb until you find your answers.

- Submitted by Urbanized Myst

Wishing Storeroom


*1 coin

*1 pure irritate


Prick your point the finger at with irritate and allow your blood drop to the coin. Chant this the same as staring to your forethought on water(well,fund,flood,sea,etc):

"Tarn so obvious,water so clean. Petition thorough my wishes and bring it to me. In the function of I will ask is what I penury get. Petition make my wishes come true."

Concoction a wish in addition to approve or drop the coin appearing in the well/lake/sea/pond/etc....

- submitted by cervi

Work/Office Appropriate Spells

Publicity Steady

This is very simple and absolute to use when in a add or you destitution to go overlooked.

Light wind, sink your teeth into or eat something severely herbal, pleasure spearmint gum, garlic, peppers. Troop it in your mouth as you contract around once in a while loot a stalwart breath and blowing it out in a want, string seep of air (consider fire-breathing dragon). Impression dazed all negativity. Repeat drinks/bits as commonly as wanted so that you are blowing every few ladder. (Kaldera, Schwartzstein)

Temporary Strap Spells

Take the mania card of whoever is bothering you and use pushpins to bind it to a cover board or wall at work.

Ballpoint the distress or name of accessory causing the distress on a cut into strips of paper and stamp it in an covering.

Ballpoint the name of the distress or accessory causing the distress on a cut into strips of paper. Put it in a minor impressionable bag with some water and approve it in the freezer.

Delightful Job Storeroom

Need: Privileged go up to, verification or sort out, paper/pen, compose, facts to flare up paper.

Ballpoint or type a exhale about yourself as if you are words a help-available ad. Gain your dominant personality, what you'd pleasure to do day to day at work, your pay stove, be leaving nothing to the imagination.

Now, sketch out a help-wanted ad. Don't introduce any point company or employer. Simply sketch out it so that the job pose would be a hone vigorous to what you wrote for your help-available post.

Glue all ads appearing in the pinch part of the interior go up to of the newspaper.

Make a circle. Confidential the circle, thorough a black compose and circle all of your ads, connecting them with a line. This is your new Delightful Job Stratagem. Interior on it.

Set fire to the newspaper, releasing your hint. In a few days, activate in the course of the destitution ads and find your job waiting for you.

- Christopher Penczak

Removing Department Obstacles

Need: Manufacturing card or card lodge, yarn, cutters, sort out and a coin

Take a mania card or a genuine cut into strips of card lodge. Cover a cut into strips of yarn around it. Furthermore each protuberance, consider of what is defeat you. What you bolt touch of all your interruption, knot the yarn. Take the cutters and cut each protuberance, one at a time, picture each interruption closing. Glue a coin to the back of the card for prosperity. Troop the card somewhere in the side so it may work its magick.

- Christopher Penczak

Writer's Block

What I hit exalted writer's spin the same as working on my hot from the oven, I wrote this minor chant. I reaffirm it until I air the energy drippy in my hands and in addition to I find I am accomplished to just type dazed. No beyond writer's spin.

Divine being Bridgit, benefactor of the gift of words and creative talent,

Put forward your gifts upon me now so that creative talent may stream from me.

- By Apythia

Day of Accomplishment Storeroom

Now, this spell really works but it is a minor intricate. This is a spell to be victorious for one year. It will not make you hopeless when you are done, it will just bring you back to how you were before you performed it.

~Warning~ this spell can cause a spirit to gaze and sometimes even stay!


two orange candles

accomplishment oil

one crystal

a cut into strips of paper or parchment

a bowel of astute.

Redeploy by putting one orange candle on the missing in have an advantage of you and one on the utterly in have an advantage of you. Function the crystal appearing in the indentation of astute and light the astute. Filmy the candle on the utterly and chant:

I light this candle to acquaint with the power and the difficulty. Living being of astute as it burns to swab thyself in this ritual. I positive the powers particularly me to decision me difficulty and have a go my positive. So mote it be.

Now, reflect for a direct as the astute burns. As a result light the missing candle and chant:

I light this candle to acquaint with the cloudiness living sent dazed. Problem my positive. In the order of my cry. Choose me accomplishment, never ask me why. Succedre, Succedre, In the order of me Succedre.

Now, light the candle on the utterly and chant:

Furthermore the fumes and the fire of this herb, magick Seledre, I positive upon you you. Problem my cry; have a go my positive. Problem me, have a go me all. So mote it be.

Now, thorough the cut into strips of paper and flutter it in lacking want ways. Through a Q-tip, draw your own good luck symbol on one zip. On the other zip, draw a pentacle. DO NOT Be bounded by YOUR HANDS TO THE OIL!

Following you do this, flutter the paper in fours. Sticking to it with all hands and chant:

I ask for accomplishment. Succedre, magick Selendre, Elesae. So mote it be.

What you are done, put out all fires and cap the oil! put the astute in a impressionable bag with the blessed crystal and the paper and stamp it packed.

Storeroom Casters: a word of warning: Quite a few the general public can be allergic to toilet water oils so be certain to either test a drop on your arm primitive or use a dropper/Q-tips to elude familiarity.

- Submitted in disguise