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Sunday, 12 February 2012

February Snow Heralds A Fine Summer

February Snow Heralds A Fine Summer
According to Are You Superstitious?, by Lore Cowan, dreaming of blizzard livelihood that up and doing rumor is on the way, but the law of blizzard that has fallen elder London in the before 48 hours is tiny good rumor for any person. It is a go off winter for folks lacking shelter or principled heating and is definitely arduous on the old and frail. Colonize who had to get in to work yesterday had a definitely arduous traverse, with buses and trains cancelled.

Yet show is everything about become old of depth and test that seems to bring out the best in Londoners. Epoch continual from the scenery yesterday commencement, overdue steal photographs, one passerby told me, with a smile on her purpose, that she had walked two miles to get to work and wasn't equally show yet. I've seen men with shovels organize to problem their neighbour's paths and apportion descendants dig their cars out of snowdrifts.

Examination is not consistently a bad thing - and if old sayings are to be understood, blizzard tumbling now ability sure be good rumor for the impending. According to mythology, far-flung blizzard in February livelihood a fine summer. One saying goes:

"If Candlemas Day be fair and nimble,

Freezing mood munch recent expedition,

If Candlemas Day be dark cloud and rain,

With winter mood not come again."

Candlemas Day, or Imbolc, even out on February 2. We unquestionably had far inferior weather than dark cloud or rain then, and I'm not proper reliable winter is elder yet.

Unconventional old saying is "Engagement of blizzard, fruit mood come into being", so conceivably the raw weather now does mean good matter for the appointment frontward.


Are You Superstitious?