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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Goddess Strenia

Goddess Strenia
"Strenia's themes are children and protection. Her symbols are bay, palm and fig plants, passion and new images. Such as this Goddess's traditional festival appreciate in Italy was January 1, She joins in our holiday observances, Care order of the Toddler Day, today to proliferate Her caring care to children. In the company of the Sabines and Romans, Strenia protected the secondary by rescue health and toughness. Traditional aid for this Idol imply roasting plants and AWOL out full breads poisoned with dates of figs.

On this day in 1959, Strenia was likely standing by and applauding as the Allied Nations adopted the Guarantee of the Care order of the Toddler to put together assiduous problem of our secondary and glint their return.

So, bag time with the children in your life today. Educate them in the avenue they want infusion and take pride in their untainted accept and love. Perform tricks Strenia's blessings and health for that new one by border fig cookies (heck, eat a few yourself for strength!).

Or, make the child a miniature power reduced-size that includes a bay send a message and a dried out spot of full currency. This way they can pattern the Idol with them even at whatever time you're not involvement.

For populace in need children, try volunteering at a secondary defend or orphanage today. Pick up one of populace kids out for banquet or to the zoo. Nonstop your pains, Strenia can reap that child in arms of amiability and comfort."

("Patricia Telesco, "365 Goddess: a thesis guide to the magic and inspiration "of the goddess".")

"Sabine" by `Foxfires

"In ancient Roman religion, Strenua or Strenia was a Idol of the new year, purification, and refuge. She had a testimonial "(sacellum)" and grove "(lucus)" at the top of the Via Sacra. Varro intended She was a Sabine Idol. W.H. Roscher includes Her among the "indigitamenta", the lists of Roman deities maintained by priests to be suitable for that the right and proper holy being was invoked in magnificence rituals. The streak of the Argei began at Her testimonial.

On January 1, kindling from Strenua's grove were carried in a streak to the garrison "(arx)". The rite is fundamental noted as going on on New Year's Day in 153 BCE, the year at whatever time consuls fundamental began assuming their capability at the beginning of the year. It is shroud whether it had habitually been aimed on that appreciate or had been transferred that year from fresh place on the calendar, most likely the model New Year's Day on March 1.

The name "Strenia" was intended to be the origin of the word "strenae" (preserved in French "'etrennes"), the new-year gifts Romans exchanged as good omens in an amplification of the magnificence rite:

From all-around the beginning of Mars' metropolitan area the society of New Year's gifts "(strenae)" prevailed on nest egg of the sample of king Tatius who was the fundamental to grip the holy undergrowth "(verbenae)" of a powerful tree "(arbor felix)" in Strenia's grove as the important signs of the new year."

Complete the Principate, these "strenae" regularly took the form of money.

Johannes Lydus says that "strenae" was a Sabine word for refuge or happiness "(hygieia," Latin "salus"). The in name only Sabine etymology may or may not be genuine, but expresses the Sabine discernment of Tatius. St. Augustine says that Strenia was the Idol who complete a nature "strenuus," determined, strong.'

According to some scholars the Befana tradition is consequential by the Strenua cult."


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