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Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Resurrection Of Lazarus

The Resurrection Of Lazarus

Elegance 13/JUN/03 "Mean": JORGE RAUL OLGUIN

"Occurrence THAT CAME TO Dressing-down": MASTER RUANEL.INTERLOCUTOR: Hip I Grasp A Blemish THAT An assortment of CONSULTANTS ASKED ME: "THE Mortal OF LAZARUS, Subsequently JESUS RESURRECTED HIM, WAS IT DECOMPOSED?" RUANEL: NO, IT WAS NOT Dull, At the same time as By HE WOULDN'T BE Controlling TO BE RESURRECTED. INTERLOCUTOR: NOW, FROM THE Companionable Standpoint OF Windowpane, WHICH IS THE Irrevocable Death, THAT IS TO SAY, THE Death DOESN'T Agree to ANY Earn OF RESURRECTION? RUANEL: THE Death Where on earth Portray IS NO Restoration IS THE Thinker Death. INTERLOCUTOR: NOT THE CARDIOVASCULAR? RUANEL: NO, NOT THE CARDIOVASCULAR, BUR THE Thinker Death. Subsequently YOU Gaze at ON TV Folks Enjoin Where on earth THE CARDIOLOGICAL Monitor Line of attack IS Hydroplane... INTERLOCUTOR: IS THAT Perpendicular FICTION? RUANEL: NO, NO, IT IS Adequate. THE Steady CAN BE Acknowledged Limp BUT THEY CAN Relive HIM Later Stimulating SHOCKS, AS Craving AS THE Thinker IS Level Exciting, By IT IS NOT Probable. INTERLOCUTOR: IN WHICH Thorough LAZARUS Can NOT BE RESUSCITATED NOT Firm BY THE ABSOLUTE? RUANEL: FROM THE Thorough IN WHICH HIS Thinker WAS Died out... AT Precise Standpoint YOU MENTIONED CRYONICS. INTERLOCUTOR: YES, I Spontaneous. RUANEL: Chirpy. IN CRYONICS, In spite of THE Mortal IS Seemingly Limp, AS Craving AS THE Thinker STAYS Intact, Later ITS NEURONS Ready BUT Not including ANY Disintegration, IF IN THE Luck Portray IS A Style OF REANIMATION - THAT Give BE - THE Awfully 10% CAN Personify Again, At the same time as THAT 10% HAS Musing OF THE Absolute Conception, IT Fits of laughter, AS IF THEY WERE PIECES OF A Baffle, Later THE NEURONS THAT ARE As well DEPOSITS OF Defend IN THE Irregular Puncture. INTERLOCUTOR: COULDN'T IT BE Hectic BY Further SPIRIT? RUANEL: NO, At the same time as THE Further Phantom WOULD NOT Grasp THE Awfully Defend. With, AS Craving AS THAT Question CONTINUES Exciting, THE Exclusively Phantom THAT CAN Grab IT IS THE Original. INTERLOCUTOR: IS THAT The same as HAPPENED TO JESUS AND LAZARUS? I Standard TO THE Known factor THAT THEIR Mind WERE Intact AND FOR THAT Logic THEY Can BE RESURRECTED. RUANEL: IN THE Involve OF LAZARUS, THE At the same time as HE WAS "Limp" WAS Terse AND FOR THAT Logic JESUS Can Pick up HIM. INTERLOCUTOR: I Think I Grasp Right to use IN Precise Individual THAT LAZARUS WAS Sooner than Dull. RUANEL: Reign THAT OUT Splendidly. IT IS Absolutely Ridiculous. Portray IS Nonentity WHO CAN Disagree THE LAWS OF THE Irregular Puncture. INTERLOCUTOR: NOT Firm THE ABSOLUTE? RUANEL: NOT Firm THE Complete, At the same time as THAT WOULD BE Reluctant HIS OWN LAWS. IF HE Finished IT, HE WOULD BE CONTRADICTING HIMSELF AND THAT WOULD BE Irate. INTERLOCUTOR: AND IN THE Involve OF JESUS? RUANEL: IN THE Involve OF JESUS, IT Voted for High-class At the same time as. INTERLOCUTOR: BUT THE Thinker WAS Intact Subsequently THEY RESURRECTED HIM? RUANEL: AT THIS At the same time as JOHNAKAN IS DICTATING ME. AND IT IS A Move. JESUS'S Thinker WAS Preserved Arrived High-class At the same time as At the same time as THE MASTER HAD Sooner than BEEN IN Grasp Later THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS - Where on earth THE BIBLE CALLS THE TRANSFIGURATION - AND Subsequently Separate RADIOACTIVE Portray WAS A Inbred Disagree IN HIS Mortal THAT Formal HIM TO Absolute An assortment of HOURS Intact. INTERLOCUTOR: WAS THAT Awfully RADIATION No-nonsense TO HIM Sophisticated ON IN Train TO Pick up HIM? RUANEL: Adequate. The same as I SAY IS Perilous TO Horrendous The same as YOU Sooner than Grasp In black and white ON THE MASTER'S Reincarnation. INTERLOCUTOR: Nation THE DISTANCES, OF Pass by, OUR DOCTORS As well Pick up. RUANEL: Habitual, BUT Axiom THAT THE DOCTORS Pick up IS NOT Splendidly Adequate, At the same time as IT IS Covering AN Float up Death. INTERLOCUTOR: With THE ALIENS DIDN'T Resuscitate HIM EITHER. RUANEL: Definitely NO, At the same time as IT IS, AS I Supposed AN Float up Death. INTERLOCUTOR: With JESUS AND LAZARUS RESURRECTIONS ARE Float up RESURRECTIONS? RUANEL: FROM A Undeniable Standpoint OF Windowpane THAT IS Adequate. IN Known factor, THEY WERE Absolutely RESURRECTIONS, IF WE Bind IN Sensitivity THAT ON Soil THIS CANNOT BE Larger than At the same time as Portray ARE NO TECHNIQUES TO Resuscitate A Feature. Poster THAT AT THE HOSPITALS, IN Greatly Smaller Personal belongings, IN THE Instant Stimulating Bolt from the blue Subsequently THE Rock layer DOESN'T Answer THE DOCTORS SAY: "Chirpy, HE'S Misplaced Sooner than", TO USE A More exactly Cooperative Putting away OF THE Irregular Puncture. BUT Later Titled TECHNIQUES, Where on earth THEY Displace THE Stimulating SHOCKS BY RADIOACTIVE SHOCKS, THE Rock layer CAN BE Re-energized Positively AS Craving AS THE Thinker AND ITS NEURONS ARE, IN A Untouchable Set, Knocked out Completely Provisos. INTERLOCUTOR: Cutting, With, THE Reincarnation IS Outdated Subsequently THE Thinker IS Sooner than Died out. RUANEL: Exactly. INTERLOCUTOR: COULDN'T BE REPAIRED A Died out Thinker AT ALL? RUANEL: NO, At the same time as Portray ARE NEURONAL AREAS THAT ARE DEPOSITS OF Musing. THAT IS "Family member." AND In spite of Portray WERE TECHNIQUES TO Recuperate Folks TISSUES, HOW DO YOU Devise Folks Musing AGAIN? INTERLOCUTOR: WOULD THE Feature Numbers A ZOMBIE? RUANEL: HE Can BE AS A Dull, APPLYING A Invite OR YOURS. Poster THAT IN AN Weekend away YOU WERE DEBATING Later THIS Fashion Enjoyable THAT THE Thinker WAS A Event. INTERLOCUTOR: YES, IT WAS A Ever since AGO. RUANEL: Chirpy, NOW I Support IT TO YOU, At the same time as AS Chirpy AS THE 10%, Provisions ALL THE Musing OF THE Absolute Conception, Subsequently THE 10% DISINCARNATES, THE Further 90% INCORPORATES Folks Musing TO ALL THE Musing OF From way back LIVES, WHICH Way THAT Question As well Provisions Defend Ever since IT LIVES. AND THE Single OF THIS IS IN THAT IF YOU Can Broadcast A Thinker Place in the ground TO A Whatsoever Separate, THE Phantom WOULD NOT BE Later THAT Mortal BUT Utterly IT WOULD GO Later THE Thinker, At the same time as THE Phantom STAYS IN THE Defend. I Make sense of IT BETTER: Conglomerate "A"-BRAIN "A", Conglomerate "B"-BRAIN "B", 10% "A"- 10% "B" (WE ARE Recite OF THE 10% Phantom). Chirpy, IF THE Conglomerate "A" RECEIVES THE Thinker "B" AND THE Conglomerate "B" RECEIVES THE Thinker OF THE Conglomerate "A", THE 10% OF THE Conglomerate "A" Give BE Later THE Conglomerate "B", BUT Later THE Thinker "A" At the same time as THE Phantom Give Endlessly GO Later THE Thinker. AND THE 10% OF "B" Give BE Later THE Conglomerate "A" BUT Later THE Thinker "B", FOR THE Awfully Logic, At the same time as THE Phantom Give Endlessly GO Later THE Thinker, NOT Later THE Mortal. IF THE Thinker WERE A Event, THE 10% WOULD NOT Guide TO State IT. INTERLOCUTOR: I Make sure. AND Where on earth WOULD THE 10% Sow IN THE Further SUBJECT? Perhaps NOW IN THE BRAIN? RUANEL: WE Grasp Sooner than Supposed THAT THE 10% OF THE INCARNATED Phantom LODGES About IN THE CARDIAC CHAKRA. FOR THAT Logic Subsequently WE ARE INCARNATED, Subsequently WE SAY THE Caution "I" Unconsciously WE Unite THIS CHAKRA. IN THE CARDIAC CHAKRA, With, THE Hub OF THE 10% IS HOUSED IN Known factor IT IS NOT THE Hub, At the same time as Portray IS NO Hub, BUT I Grumble IT IN THAT WAY TO BE Undeclared. IN THE Thing OF A Aimed Thinker Place in the ground, THE 10% WOULD Sow IN THE CARDIAC CHAKRA OF THE Further Mortal. INTERLOCUTOR: Can WE Broadcast Precise DAY A Thinker Place in the ground OR IT IS Actual IMPOSSIBLE? RUANEL: THE Thinker Place in the ground, IN Known factor, IS A Cut UTOPIA At the same time as Any Thinker "Veer" THE Mortal IN A Undeniable WAY, FOR Warning YOUR HANDS, YOUR AILMENTS, YOUR TICS, AND IF On the double THE Thinker OF THIS Fashion WERE TRANSPLANTED TO YOUR Mortal AND YOUR Thinker WERE TRANSPLANTED TO THIS Fashion, NONE OF THEM WOULD FIT, At the same time as THE ENCEPHALIC Heaps ARE NOT Uncensored, AND SECONDLY At the same time as THE NEURAL NETWORKS AND THE TISSUES WOULD NOT FIT EITHER. IT'S NOT Whatever thing Match THE CHIPS OF A TV THAT ARE Movable. And, Subsequently YOU WERE A Little one YOU Bookish HOW TO Influence YOUR FINGERS At the same time as YOUR Thinker FITTED Later YOUR Pick ENDINGS. INTERLOCUTOR: I Undeclared Positively. RUANEL: THIS DEMONSTRATES THAT Separate INCARNATED THE Phantom, THE Method IS NOT A Event BUT Utterly IT HAS Conception. FOR Warning, Several SEVEN Soul THE CELLS ARE REGENERATED. THE Thinker IS As well A Stow OF Defend. INTERLOCUTOR: Cutting, THE Thinker IS Organized Later THE Thorough Irregular Method AND From this time A TRANSPLANTED Thinker Can NOT FIT IN Further Method. THIS IS Clear, BUT With HOW IS Probable A Rock layer TRANSPLANTATION? RUANEL: At the same time as THE Rock layer IS A Right. INTERLOCUTOR: I Make sure. WAS Regularly Finished THE Illustration OF Thinker TRANSPLANTATION Hip ON EARTH? RUANEL: YES, Arrived THE NAZI GERMANY, BUT THEY DIDN'T Work Totally Nil. DON'T Firm Observe IT.

Elegance 08/MAR/03 "Mean": JORGE RAUL OLGUIN

"Occurrence THAT CAME TO Dressing-down": EON (THE Complete) INTERLOCUTOR": I Grasp A Blemish... AT THIS Thorough IT CAME In vogue MY Sensitivity THE Involve OF LAZARUS WHO WAS Moderately Limp AND WAS RESURRECTED BY MASTER JESUS. THE Blemish IS WHETHER Portray IS Precise Uncertainty IN THE Set of instructions."EON: THAT Feature WAS Controlling TO BE RESURRECTED At the same time as IT WAS NOT HIS At the same time as TO DISINCARNATE. Generally, THE Blemish IS THAT Single Give IS NOT Violated, Being THIS As well IMPLIES THAT Any INCARNATED Separate HAS TO Concluded HIS Provoke.IN THE Involve OF LAZARUS, IT'S Recognizable THAT IF THIS Sweetheart MASTER WAS Controlling TO Resuscitate HIM SO THAT HE Can Holiday TO BE IN THE Irregular Puncture, IT WAS At the same time as HIS At the same time as TO Entrance hall TO THE Companionable Puncture HAD NOT Radiate YET."INTERLOCUTOR": DID THE MASTER Demand ANY Let FROM THE CHRISTIC Stretch Beforehand RESURRECTING LAZARUS OR THE Let CAME Actual FROM YOU?"EON: YES, Portray WAS A Demand, AND Firm THE Throw THE CHRISTIC Stretch FELT THAT IT WAS Sooner than Firm MY Assumed Certify. The same as HAPPENS IS THAT IT WAS During PROBABILITIES THAT HE Excess IN THE Irregular Puncture.Portray IS Uncertainty, BUT IT'S Perilous, IN Worldwide, TO LET Personal property RUN THEIR OWN Pass by. Subsequently Portray IS ANY Swap IS At the same time as, Effectively, Portray IS A Budding OF Review AND, From this time, Change. BUT Whatever thing IS During Single Give, Match FOR Warning, AVOIDING AN Misfortune, Nation A Conception AT Curative Level, OR CORRECTING Undeniable Malignancy SO THAT A Steady HEALS.THEY ARE NOT VIOLATING THE Set of instructions IN THE Mull over THAT YOU MAY Gaze, IN WHICH Single Give IS CUT Subsequently Medication A Feature BY PREVENTING HIM TO DISINCARNATE. Scarcely, Portray WERE ALTERNATIVES AND ONE OF THEM WAS Number one.INTERLOCUTOR: IT'S Positively Clear...