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Friday, 24 May 2013

Earth Air Fire Water And Spirit

Earth Air Fire Water And Spirit
Grope ( North, Winter's Snooze )

"I inspect to the North, to the mountains, the caves and the

ravines buried in dimness. The Grope is tough not more than my

feet, I am weighed down with the energy of advancement, of falling in line, of

" - Ariendel

Policy over: physical set up, advancement, the natural world, the earth, calculate,

foundations, solid wealth, quietness, introspection, self-perception, rest,

renewal, (re)storing energy, inventiveness, metals.

Era of day: Midnight

Season: Frozen

Era of Life: Avant-garde Age

Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Tarot Correspondence: Pentacles

Character of Energy: Uncluttered

Destitution Nature: Green, moist, agriculture, stabilizing, groundwork, protective

Colors: Black, saut, green, earth tones

Tools: Pentacle

Spirits: Gnomes, ruled by King Ghob

Archangel: Gabriel

Wind: Boreas

Sense: Come together

Stones: Moss agate, countrified, jet, olivine, brackish, black tourmaline, onyx, gemstone brackish

Pure Symbols: Salt, earth serving of food of bracing rest, rocks, sheaves of wheat, acorns

Tree: Oak, brood, elm, earth mother - birch

Plants: Comfrey, ivy, grains, barley, oats, bump, rice, rye, wheat

Animals: Stag, cow or bull, snakes, bison, dogs, run of the mill, earthworms, unicorns in

their groves

Places: Caves, canyons, chasms, forests, groves, valleys, fields, farms, area,

parks, workings nurseries, farmer's markets, kitchens, little nurseries, basements,

mines, holes.

Goddesses: Ceres, Demeter, Gaea, Mah, Nephthys, Persephone, Prithivi, Rhea,


Gods; Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Marduk, Pan, Tammuz

Rituals: Burial, prosperity, magnificence, calculate, revolutionary, employment,

introspection, foresight, gethering of established intensity.

Ceremony Forms: Burying, planting, making images in rest or sand, brisk crystals,

honey the no noise in stone.

Grope Represents Law, toughness, faithfulness, fame of the

inescapable order of stuff, Gentle in its robustness aspect.

AIR ( East, Spring's Reappearance )

"I inspect to the East wherever the insurrectionary sun peeks behind the haze, over

the treetops, and on high plains. The winds sensation me, bringing effect,

wisdom and honest sensitivity on a wisp of Air." -Ariendel

Policy over: logic, regard, wisdom, learning, thinking, magnificence, the wisp of the

set up, new babyhood, starting over, planting for the providence, making strategy.

Era of day: Set up

Season: Properly

Era of Life: Early years

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Tarot Correspondence: Swords

Character of Energy: Projective

Destitution Nature: Carried by the wind, moving, bracing, shrewd, suspending, Statement is a thinking

of this element.

Colors: Orangey, white, chartreuse, purple/lilac, sky down, pastels

Tools: Wand, athame, sword, censer

Spirits: Slyphs, ruled by King Paralda

Archangel: Micheal

Wind: Eurus

Sense: Trace, trouble

Stones: Imperial topaz, citrine, mica, opal, pumice

Pure Symbols: Fur, incense pollution, scented plants, initiate, seeds

Tree: Aspen, brood, maple, eucalyptus

Plants: Frankincense, myrrh, pansy, primrose, vervain, voilet, yarrow, dill Sphinx

Places: The void, vacuums, outside space, inner creature

Goddesses: Isis, the Inmost Name of the Divinity, Shekinah

Gods: Akasha, Iao, JHVH

Rituals: Self-knowledge, self-affirmation, communing with deity, seeking earnest


Ceremony Forms: Thought, communion with nature/deity, foresight

Air is the compose, the wisp of creation;

Provoke is the sun, the shine of creation;

Water is the mass and rains, the blood and shed tears of creation;

Grope is the mountains and soil; the set up of work.

These comprehensive with Poltergeist are the elements of life and magic