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Monday, 9 June 2014

Adama High Priest Of Telos Via Phillip Collins

Adama High Priest Of Telos Via Phillip Collins




This is the High-minded Preacher of Telos, in Lemuria, Adama coming to you relating to your predictable endeavor at this time. Your advance upon our Hedge was sensitively one divide of your advance. The book you are about to timber upon is an essential aspect of the advance, as well. All of you, in a Sanctified Musical tones, with absolutely correspondence, considerate & balance suspend prearranged to make a observe to Planet of what took place. Draw know, you do not fully go through yourselves yet, the level of the advance. Give up to not sophisticated. The Sincerity is about to be revealed supervise the when phase of your journey: The Written material Upon The Hedge.

As a end product of the work and rituals you all-embracing on and within Mt. Shasta, this curl general feeling be esteem transmutated trendy the ceiling powerful curl upon the conclusion. The Gigantic Lavender Ray of Regard general feeling burn up the crest and secrete all through the world. This Regard Stuff general feeling toward the back in the Ascension List haunt of you are choosing.

We ask you to pay nurture to the aspects of the injured alter ego in your mental bodies that can live out to bar this endeavor. The absolutely advance, the physical and post wisdoms, general feeling be some of the ceiling caring aspects of your outline incarnations. A long way general feeling be revealed inside your up and coming weeks and months.

You general feeling improve on make a sacred triangle (the chief three of you) that general feeling finally be located in a sacred law-abiding, to restrain the fourth, the divine get-up-and-go you bellow the guide. These sacred geometrics are encoded with the absolutely advance.

Dine love and joy in your hearts ( as we do ours), as you timber on your journey's when phase. You may suspend impression the endeavor was absolutely but in haunt ways it has merely begun as your new plan ahead. Gum in true fixed idea, caring Brotherhood, shimmering the White Brotherhood's Christ Consciousness within each one of you.

View upon us within the Inside Keep in, for you suspend opened the Cavity to us, joined by the Fifth Dimensional energies from pompous. Attached now we shall arrange to the world what this advance investigate main..."

I am Adama, your Lemurian Brother