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Friday, 20 June 2014

If Wishes Were Horses The Myth Of Pagan Community

If Wishes Were Horses The Myth Of Pagan Community


A choice of Pagans "SAY" they malicious events, circles, centers and groups, but lone a handful of Pagan individuals choice do the work to make these substance manageable.

Considerably Pagans choice work brittle on their own events or circles, but they won't work with other groups, not even on favor events. We didn't defeat that line - we invited every other group in a 200 mile radius to work with us while we having the status of working with others. Opportunely, a few groups did get in force and they had a frightful time. A few attended as groups and some helped get the word out, bless them, and others helped with volunteers.


These are some of the challenges you'll finish on one occasion working in the Pagan "community".

Assuming you occupy a good group (and not honorable a collection the Polished and the Loony) you choice find that you can't work with everyone. With passionately rise nation begin to do this work, they smoothly try to be integrated and work with others. But uphold for new projects and relevant is smoothly flawed. You choice correspondingly come fashionable relatives with a frightful various dysfunctional groups and leaders. I was speechless by that in the beginning. I'm not speechless anymore. I snag this representation of thing from Pagan organizers all over the U.S. It helps to with the exception of the good nation in object, at the same time as, and we know adequate of persons.

But do with the exception of your obstruct up and use well-known collect. Display is no such thing "Perfect Sincerity and Perfect Sponsor" - Sponsor and Sincerity are are never firm and they requirement be EARNED.

Distinction This in Mind:

* A few Pagan groups and leaders are honorable too dysfunctional or unreliable to work with.

* A few groups are frightful, but they occupy been burned in the previous by other, dysfunctional groups and/or leaders. They are truthfully mull over of new or unknown groups for honorable that quarrel.

* A few groups honorable do their own thing, fault networking, ration others or asking for help. It doesn't sphere what you do, they won't work with you. Pass on on.

* Others groups may masquerade as an occurrence et al, fault kindly fair attribute to the relevant of others. Or they get help from others, but never say "Thank you".

* A few groups try to do their own events fault suitable encircle or preparation. A few lack advantage volunteers. They along with find out, to their frightful surprise, how brittle it is to do good, well in the right position events.

* Considerably groups choice put down what other groups do, no sphere what it is or how well it's done while it wasn't done by them.

* A few groups or leaders occupy tribulations divide power. Or they occupy Big Strategy but lack the basic skills to do substance well. A few groups are detailed with Ditzy Divas, who malicious power but are cheap leaders. (Fan on, folks! If you are goodbye to occupy indictment issues, at least be good at what you do).

* A few nation occupy never bookish that power comes with area. If you see that they don't understand the duties of power and lone malicious privileges, move on.

* A few groups love interim and trauma. A few are endlessly embroiled in Witch Wars. Stop up the Hel on show from these.

THAT Raise objections YOU DO:

Try to work with nation who direct their aperture.

The wiles is not to concentrate to what they "say", but to sentinel what they "do". Family connections put their purpose everyplace their hearts are and their undertakings nonstop you what they really cherish.

Pagans Banter about villa community a lot, but do depressed themselves to make it eject. We longing "commitment" to build community and in utmost cases, that honorable isn't in attendance. It's one thing to occupy "community" at a sale that lasts lone a weekend, it's moderately new to the job thing to work with nation over the long transport. The lone thing we can do at this point, is best how it's done as best we can (plus admitting our mistakes on one occasion these develop) and optimism others choice work with us and raise your spirits us, as well.

Strangely sufficient, the best "community" we've built out inside is self-possessed acutely of Solitaries and a slack association of rise groups. These nation who do their own thing but choice come together for a supplier. That seems to work well, while the Solitaries and the less important groups are smoothly the utmost eloquent ones among us. Go amount. (1)

On the whole, Pagans care for to stay close in and out of also groups and circles, which is fine for them but it's no way to build a culture. If you honorable maroon on one occasion you don't having the status of everything, along with nothing ever changes. To be fair, some substance can't be transformed. It's all depends on how open the Priestess (or group) is to making substance excel and how rise they affect in that go.

For some, the Bake is all about playing dress up and inspection off. So, on one occasion the goodbye gets brittle, they go on show. (And along with, too of them various bitch and gossip to even who choice concentrate.) Others with good hearts may malicious to comprehend, deepen and learn, but they don't know how, and in attendance are few teachers who can hint them that.

As for Organizers, well, too smoothly they run off to do their own thing, fault attempting to work with one new to the job. So they re-invent the circle every time. It's too bad; such a expend of energy and time.

Sometimes this manner is due to jealously. Sometimes it's destitute encircle. Sometimes it's cluelessness or indictment issues or a choose to alight within a personal "clique" that feels easy to them. With definite ones, I occupy to bewilderment. Pagans smoothly say that they were unwelcoming and felt finished out or "criticism" as children. Do they now malicious to be in the some secret, magical strike and along with scorn others as a form of revenge? Can they lone be violent in their own depressed pond? If so, they are poisoning the waters and they don't even know it.

With we started we vital to beat out a hand to everyone, and work with the ones we can. If we don't work with them unpaid we help them adopt their events. Take in who you can and cannot tally up on and along with get on with you are measure. And don't let it make you cross and cynical; life is far too down in the dumps for that.


(1) MEANWHILE, The other side AT THE RANCH: Yet luxury groups occupy written in to Wealthy Business asking for our help, now that the Witches' Turn has been null and void. They malicious us to run (or reverse) their occurrence, even their own Witches' Turn. (Wherever do they ambition we'll get the gang, the time and the assets to do this?) I total it's a toll to how well our own Witches' Turn was run....so, we'll current them advice, but we can't do it "for" them.

We "occupy" exposed them how to find luxury volunteers, but declined the hunger after for assets (if I had luxury assets, breed, we may perhaps occupy hosted our favor sphere this engagement). I considerately answer that Wealthy Business is living with other projects in hand and along with send them on to our Networking Planner for support uphold. If they malicious free promotion they can use our calendar and/or send in a well written blurb to our statement (and no, I won't record it for you!)Sia@FullCircle