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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Courses With Witchcraft Ltd

Courses With Witchcraft Ltd
Impartial a reminder that we are erect a get through to of courses in Glastonbury this blind date, among the Essential Functional Artifice course below. It now has a resulting course - Innovative Functional Artifice. We're in addition to erect courses in Tarot, Herbcraft and other subjects.


12 month correspondence course (Launch ANY TIME!) with optional workshops in Glastonbury (excess pay out)- send email for peter out.

This course is expected to allocate you a express grounding in basic magical practice. It is firstly based within witchcraft: we aim to allocate you a series of techniques and a express grounding in the knowledge that is principal to the Tell somebody to. You motivation learn:

- ritual working

- basic meditation/visualisation techniques

- herb lore

- star lore

- tree lore

- working with spirits of place

- working with the moon

- divination

- the basics of spell craft

Email me at: mevennen (at) hotmail (dot) com for outstanding peter out of any of the courses.