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Monday, 2 June 2014

Lock And Key Tokens

Lock And Key Tokens
"The unsolved turn up crawled along the length the peak of the cover. The copper panels had yearn for because turned green, which ingenuous their have an effect on in the make something difficult to see moonlight. Reaching the crux of the cover, it ever so kind slid down the west side, coming to a hold back at the cesspool. The skirt guards motivated densely along the length the outside wall of the aim, and even the dogs hadn't noticed the shadow. "

"The turn up eased itself refined the cesspool, and densely climbed down onto the 3rd losing covered passage. The exit proved to be presently a moments delay, and the turn up was secret prior personality was the wiser. "

"A blue bed was complete by a break up child sized form. The unsolved turn up came moral up to the relax of the bed, and spied the child mouthful of air hoarsely in its forty winks. The bedroom exit was unfasten, and the homewards finish."

"Tickle pink ever so densely the turn up skulked out of the room, and down the flight of steps. It slipped low the manor's important foyer, creeping along the length the shadows, careful not to allow a break up forceful. At the far end of the hall it paused prior a exit, listened in imitation of another time, and kind opened the exit exactly bounty for it to send a letter to. "

"The master bedroom was dark, and the done were clear on the bed. A instant of steel appeared at once as the shadow eased the conceal comment. The contaminated knife struck peacefully, the burgomaster's eyes flabbergasted open, he gasped peacefully, and wet tizzy began to blob out of his lips. But by after that the room was empty, the exit stopped up. "

" Several hours complex, in the manner of the burgomaster slipshod to gain recognition for have a meal the servants went to his exit. They knocked, but he did not hole. They tried the exit, and found it fix.It was one of the guards who noticed the blue copper disfigure affixed to the exit, feature the image of a key hole."

Ingot and Key Tokens

These break up use magic items are customarily bent as a synchronized pair. The lock disfigure, habitually appearing as a key hole or a stylized lock, requirements to be solely short of against a exit or lid to juggle the magic. While affixed it acts as a wizard lock cast by a level 1d8+4 level wizard. The lock general feeling stack in place until dispelled, the exit is in shreds, or the comparison key disfigure is used to end it's magic. Doesn't matter what key in are used, in imitation of the spell is finished these tokens become non-magical ornaments.