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Monday, 30 June 2014


Reminder #12845 - Metaphysical (Magicknet)
Look into : 28-Oct-90 22:18
From : Lucy Simmons
To : All
Turf : Xianity As A Trend 3 Of 3

@EID:6f65 155cb244

8- At every Christian service, aid from the association is pressed,
and, as most such aid are done publically, "peer-pressure" to dedicate
vast amounts of money is very high, and a notion of fault improved * not *
contributing could lead to psychotic episodes!
The cult's locate towards sexual ambiance, that even * looking * at
a person with even the lowest possible notion of "ache" is a "sin," is so particular
as to throw out at lowest 99 percent of the World's population from "Paradise"
and thereby lead to irreconcilable fault ambiance on the part of the

May possibly it be that mass of the modern world's psychiatric nuisance can be
traced to the beliefs of this cult?

9- The eager behaviour of Christianity is more to the point well-documented in
history, with its pogroms of Jews, radiant of witches, Crusades wary
Islam, culture destruction and totally genocide in the Comforting islands
and Go ahead and South America, and malice of whatsoever that is not
"Christian." This has even outspread to reverse of non-Christian
deep services, and risky behaviour that is touted as simple "cordial

Can such in advance behaviour do again itself? Register shows it does.

10- Proselytization, or the "trade" of new members to the cult, is
carried on in any number of ways, all with short blandishments and
by totally fearfulness and bullying. To gawk and pay attention to some street-preachers
is an growth in the use of fear-inducing aspect, and more to the point of
soul and amass panic be over to that induced by Adolf Hitler and
Joseph Goebells!

Why do these preachers do their best to summons such amass hysteria? One
could ask the extremely difficult about Hitler and Goebells, and perchance get the
extremely answer!

If your child, or a adjunct of your associates, is involved with this
cult, * make happy * hope help NOW!

The maker wishes to thank the publishers of "Row 18," and all
the other cult-hunters and watchers out nearby, for their good and
faithful demonstrations of the techniques recycled in this point.


QM v1.23
* Origin: Cults and Kinky Sects Inc., Wichita, Kansas (9:3981)

* Origin: (Arrangement