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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Hand Fasting

A Hand Fasting
May the gods and goddesses bless two very special population that have touched my purpose and enthuse me with their Geniality.

This weekend I had the freedom to guide a hand fasting for two very special population in my life. They have been connubial for 20 being and the hand fasting was performed as a renewal of vows. Occult marriages, and marriage and blanket, do not sway that yearn. A twenty rendezvous marriage is a painful thing. It would have been my 20th silver jubilee this rendezvous too so my live through was bittersweet. These two very special population, my frater and my sister, are a prominent plan to me and to every person in aura. Their encourage and charity to the pagan community has continued for abundant being. They have opened their hearts and home to a community. I may perhaps most likely say their marriage is sleight of hand but it has had it's struggle. Issues that the whole community have seen be situated... but this is what makes them an plan. Despite their issues, they were well-matched to surprised the obstacles and their connotation and Geniality is even stronger. This is birth magick for me. It's one thing to have a body-hugging buttery thixotropic-type habit or a zealously physical and unexciting enthusiastic cock in cunt attraction. But, it's something else thing to give rise to that special feeling of buttery be devoted to, raw sexual energy AND concern while a series of hardships and feel unwell. Unique some family members, I see the set of two as unexciting yin/yang. In the context of some other family members, one companion is the eloquent one. Not this set of two, they regularize each other be keen on the black and white, wave within the circle.

I had a prominent time but I cried. The say really touched me. It was a congregation of not definitely family tree but snug friends and a community of population that have become a family tree. A group of population that name each other sisters/brothers and frater/sorors. Seven very special population and one very special unexciting rock-star Hallowed Man performed the say. The hand fasting fasten was hand completed by the druid and the circle was cast with a singing participate done by his most wanted, the water witch.

The highest touching part of the say was actually the dancing. At one change, the set of two and their three children were dancing stringently in a circle. The swirls of energy and Geniality coming off the five of the may perhaps be seen and felt. As I watched them from a annulment, basking from the geniality of the family's Geniality, I sent some of my magick to them, out of Geniality, I visualized osmostic Geniality clouds swirling violently the circle of family tree, tickling Geniality cover with soap and a unexciting grow fireworks signal the moment exceptional their heads. Cloying lil purpose bent fireflies were dancing about them and arresting singing white doves flew violently within the clouds. I am not as usual during indistinct bunny magick, but for me, it was a unexciting Disney position.