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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Activating The Energy Body With Tactile Imaging

Activating The Energy Body With Tactile Imaging Image
Well-known author, teacher and long-time astral projector Robert Bruce has been featured here before. In his book, "Astral Dynamics", Bruce offers lots of techniques for activating your energy body. He calls these techniques Tactile Imaging, and explains that by practicing these exercises regularly, you increase the bioelectric activity of your energy body, which in turn, helps build the skills for conscious astral projection.

The idea behind all of Bruce's exercises is to physically stimulate a part of the body by using your mind alone. He says the hands and feet are most sensitive and therefore, key to successful tactile imaging, but you can do this with any body part.

His technique of "Brushing Hands" is a great example and good place to start. For this, you want to sit comfortably and place one hand on a table or your lap, palm up. With the other hand, stroke the surface of you hand from wrist to finger tips a few times. The trick here is to, while you're doing this, memorize the sensations in the receiving hand.

After about 20 seconds, stop and try to 'feel' the same sensations with your mind alone. Do this for about a minute or so, until you can really sense the same, stroking feeling. You might also feel tingling, pressure or even buzzing in your hand. When you do, you know you've activate your energy body in your hand.

You can continue by doing the same exercise on the other hand, and then the bottoms of your feet.

If you've tried these before, let us know if it's helped you activate and sense your energy body, and what kind of sensations you've experienced. If you haven't ever tried one of these Tactile Imaging techniques, give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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