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Monday, 10 October 2011

Phases Of The Moon

Phases Of The Moon Image
I recently picked up a copy of A Witch Alone: The Essential Guide for the Solo Practitioner of the Magical Arts by Marian Green. The book has 13 chapters for the 13 moons in a year. I plan to work through one chapter per lunar cycle beginning just after the new moon, as Green recommends. Interestingly enough, the next new moon is on February 13th, which also marks the beginning of a new year on the Chinese lunar calendar. After 13 chapters, 13 moons, and one lunar year to the day, I will have completed Green's course. It seems the book came my way at exactly the right time! If you come across this post before the 13th and would like to share in this synchronicity, get the book and make the journey with me! Throughout the coming year I'll be posting thoughts on the readings, exercises, and outcomes for discussion.

A quote from the introduction:

None of the paths of magic leads away from the world, setting you free from life's troubles at a stroke; they lead you deeper in. They show you with unveiled eyes the reality of situations, relationships, and the need to come to grips with your own problems and solve them.

How many would-be witches confuse fantasy with reality, and become disenchanted when they discover the Craft is neither easy nor glamorous? How many give up and move on to a less demanding path when they realize it takes more than the waving of a store-bought wand to create the lives they want? Apparently enough that Green thought it warranted mentioning.

I appreciate the reminder that walking a sacred path - any sacred path - requires dedication and commitment, and that by taking my spiritual growth seriously I honor the Old Ones as well as myself. I'm looking forward to the coming year of learning and growth, and again extend an invitation to any who'd like to share in the journey.

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