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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sylvan Muldoon

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In the world of Astral Projection, Sylvan Muldoon (1903-1969) was one of the earliest pioneers in the field. As an astral projection (or out-of-body) investigator, Muldoon wrote a number of books. But for him it all started with personal experience.

At twelve years old, Muldoon attended a Spiritualist's Camp with his mother in Iowa. During one of the nights there, he woke up only to find himself looking down on his physical body. He noted that he seemed to be connected by a chord, but not knowing anything about out of body travel, he thought maybe he'd died. He moved around the house trying to wake some of his family members, but had no success. Finally, he was pulled back into his physical body.

This was his first of what would become hundreds of astral adventures. Fast forward to 1927 when Muldoon read several psychic science and occult books by thethen well-known researcher Hereward Carrington. In one of his books, Carrington claimed that Charles Lancelin's book "Le Fant^ame des Vivants" covered just about all that was known about astral projection. After reading this, Muldoon boldly wrote to Carrington and challenged this statement, claiming that he could write an entire book of astral projection-related information that Lancelin had no clue about.

His exact statement was: "What puzzles me most is that you make the remark that M. Lancelin has told practically all that is known on the subject. Why, Mr Carrington, I have never read Lancelin's work, but if you have given the gist of it in your book, then I can write a book on the things that Lancelin does not know!"

Muldoon's letter resulted in some of the earliest collaborative efforts in astral projection research. On Carrington's invitation the two wrote "The Projection of the Astral Body" in 1929. Their success inspired two additional books: "The Case for Astral Projection" in 1936 and "The Phenomena of Astral Projection" in 1951.

All three books are now considered classics in the field. In between these three volumes, Muldoon wrote two more books: in 1941 "Sensational Psychical Experiences" was published, and the following year saw "Famous Psychic Stories" hit the shelves.

Muldoon spent a good majority of his life struggling with poor health. Some have suggested that this may have been due to his frequent body separations, although this can be challenged today by the many hearty, healthy people who successfully and frequently astral project. Nonetheless, in his later life, Muldoon's health seemed to improve in relation to his reduced out of body travels.

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