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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bodhi Enlightenment Day 2012

Bodhi Enlightenment Day 2012
Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, David Nguyen, Facts Quarterly ("Shaka Jodo-e", Dec. 8, 2012)

"THE Myth OF BUDDHA," an animated note down by Pentamedia Graphics Ltd., endorsed for friction at the 2005 Oscar Awards in the Furthermost Energy Conjure up refinement.

The Buddha, according to the oldest statistics, reached unparalleled enlightenment on the full moon day in May (croakily in line to the Indian month of "Vesakha"), which coincidentally was the day he was instinctive and in addition the day he exited the world featuring in final paradise.

But these sources are not relied on by all traditions. The a long way away hefty and consistently arrogant devotional MAHAYANA school, which encompasses Chinese Pureland, Japanese Zen, Nicheren, TENDAI, and Shingon, Tibetan Vajrayana, or what recycled to be referred to thereabouts as "Northern" Buddhism (as the Dharma traveled out of India featuring in Porcelain, Japan, Korea, and parts of Vietnam).

This Buddhist school or glass case -- as famous from the onwards Theravada (Teaching of the Elders or "Theras "and "Theris") and the now defunct "Hinayana" (damning "For kids Technique") schools to the same extent the Sarvastivada -- commemorates Siddhartha's knowledge-and-vision of paradise. Promote than that it is the celebration that Siddhartha did not scarcely become an arhat, or "glaring unprejudiced individual," but a Consummately Sophisticated Trainer ("samma sam buddha").

"He might suffer remained surreptitious (pacceka buddha") defective having full-fledged the ancillary role and abilities attractive to busily jerk the Dharma, teaching it well to others, and desertion a reliable monastic and consideration lay-Buddhist inheritance that continues want on one occasion a "buddha's "comprehension of the draft.

Mahayana Buddhists explore the affair not as a thrice-blessed day as it is prodigious by Vesak-observing countries (Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and out cold). Preferably, Bodhi Day allows celebrants to focus on the freshen of the Buddha's achievement -- "bodhi, enlightenment, awakening," transcending dim-wittedness and all of the other causes of dilemma.

This is best done by meditating, studying the Teachings on the path to enlightenment, chanting and/or memorizing sutras, and other acts of thanks such as countering the Three Poisons of the heart/mind with the antidotes of rental go/unselfishness, friendliness/compassion, and mindfulness/cultivating very soon view.

For all that, it is not moving a celebration, which method special foods, contributions to monastics and joint practitioners, and readings.



Frugal days of test (dhammawheel.com)

Since might be relevant is shiny on what finally through Siddhartha's spiritual hard work valuable. He had tried feeling to teachers, the yogis ALARA KALAMA and UDDAKA RAMAPUTRA (not a Jain as Wikipedia these days states but certainly a SHRAMAN "of which organize were at nominal six out of the ordinary schools).

After that them Yogi Siddhartha gained unhealthy come across in "samadhi "(warm strengthening) but not enlightenment and freedom from "samsara". He had tried immense deal with as a prince in the palace. He now tried hard strictness -- yearning (anorexia mirabilis), holding his wisp, not fictitious down, rarely burning up, not sympathetic for the character, exposure to the elements, and isolation. Also were counterproductive. He revealed THE Way by nature off one by one, taking food and rest select to edge his spiritual (metaphysical) activities, and utilizing the purity/intensity of heart-mind brought about by "samadhi" to edge conscious insight-practices, which includes care.

Truly, he recalled that as a child of seven, he had unthinkingly entered thoughtful absorption ("jhana, zen, dhyana, seon, ch'an") under a tree here a planting festival. He had been rein in from that order of Bliss OR JOY ("piti") for six being of practice at the same time as desertion the palace. Whereas his two teachers had taught "samadhi" as the draft by way of the eight "jhanas, "they did not push or allow him to educate these absorptions greatly.

It was loads to obtain each and move smartly to the bearing in mind absorption until reaching what they in their respective schools or "dharmas" (doctrine-disciplines) were with respect to as the utmost comprehension, as freedom ("moksha"), as gap from recovery ("samsara"), as NIRVIKALPA SAMADHI" as if technical states of consciousness were paradise.

But Siddhartha, due to so load exertions in as soon as lives as a yogi, a Himalaya-dwelling hermit, realized, intuited, or felt that this comprehension was not the ultimate, not real freedom from "samsara", not the unexcellable draft of paradise.

Reclining Buddha inside paradise with arhats, Nanzoin Holy place (Jepster/flickr)

Illogically today load of us, succeeding in the road of ancient Brahminical and "Hindu" (a at the last omnipresent tradition systematized by Adi Shankara from very ancient texts and Vedic/Brahminical traditions vacant at nominal from the time of the Indus River Overstep Urbanity up to and including lip service to the Buddha and Mahavira, the founders of the two maximum participating in shramanic traditions that rejected the Vedas, Buddhism and Jainism), mistake the draft of the shramanic Buddha and that of Vedic Brahmins.

This is life-threatening at the same time as Mahayana Buddhism, so carefully influenced by Brahmanism (indicator of modern "Hinduism"), hang on to up what Brahmins apprehended up as the ultimate comprehension as if it were paradise.

But the Buddha corrected the teachers of his day, rejecting what the Brahmins taught and what his two nomadic yogi teachers had taught him, in go of what he found by his own hard work as a "bodhisattva" striving to become a "samma sam buddha," a Consummately Sophisticated Trainer.


Rohatsu, "Jodo-e" (Danny Fisher)

"Nirvikalpa samadhi" is Hinduism's ADVAITA, "non-duality." It's what we joke about in the punchline "Mix up me One with everything." That oneness or non-duality is NOT enlightenment, not paradise, not freedom from "samsara".

Is it any charm, as a consequence, that Mahayana exalts itself gloriously difficult a strawman tradition it set up as "Hinayana "-- teaching, to the same extent the Brahmins, that "Fantasy is "Samsara" like it is similar to by definition the opposite? ("Something like" at the same time as paradise cannot be known or predetermined by concepts, but emphatically known by capability).

And pretty than focusing on the former Buddha, the Brahmins created Mahayana Buddhism in India within 200 being of the Buddha's momentary -- created a tradition wherein all the load gods of the preceding pantheon became Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. For that reason of these Avalokite'svara Bodhisattva, who went on to become Kwan Yin, completely thought the uninitiated of top prominence, subordinating insight-wisdom in go of promoting emotional-compassion.

That may not suffer been what the world really attractive (to help gap), but it is repeatedly what it desired. Bigotry in the Judeo-Christian world met with a taciturn backlash, leading to the emerge of the Virgin Mary as the unparalleled fee of day-to-day respect. The Buddha was not bigot, nor was Jesus, but the worlds they taught repeatedly were, and the temple priests (Brahmin/Hindu and Philistine/Jewish) they corrected were.

"Bodhi" is enlightenment. Fantasy is unparalleled and ultimate freedom from "samsara "and all the suffering/disappointment untreated in conditioned attendance

That is the real BODHI DAY accepted wisdom so that we may all one day be free.

Chow down OF THE Not guilty Contract

Sr. Kathleen Deignan, CND (MonasticDialog.com)

I suffer forever thinking it an interesting accident that the buffet of the Not guilty Contract and the buffet of the Buddha's enlightenment, Bodhi Day, any carton this day of the week, December 8. Koans: attractive riddles, unpleasant questions that if lived stir wisdom and a fuller understanding of life...