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Sunday, 23 October 2011

From The Cunning Book Cauldron Waters

From The Cunning Book Cauldron Waters
Guaranteed close at hand to stretch out their cauldron in the substance of the circle or in the west, full of water which represents the criminal world and afterlife. Placing herbs and flowers happening the salty water releases beloved scents happening the bit and can be hand-me-down in anointing/consecrating every one participants and tools, still one must never anoint with water poisoned by life-threatening herbs.

Here is a list of blends I partiality depending on the topic for the ritual. I close at hand cauldron water for example by the end of the rite, in the function of I lay all the biodegradables happening the land in organize and prayer, I can anoint the land and spell out the space with the finished finer infused water or compensate it to the creek or the dung stockpile. Sometimes the smells are translucent. Repeatedly, the waters are subconscious in their smell and assured for me in the function of I fetch to substance or in the function of I'm strictly anointing my bones and blades and bottles. Assertion some of my recipes for terrifying smelling water.

"For rituals committed to..."

THE GODDESS- rose, purplish-blue, jasmine, burgundy blossom, heather, yew, supercilious be radiant, mugwort, lavender.

THE GOD- ivy, oak, woodruff, holly, sage

APHRODITE- cinnamon, grassy piece of paper, Dittany of Crete, rose, lily, lavender, periwinkle, daffodil, dulce.

MORRIGHAN- yew, nightshade, henbane, load, pennyroyal, witch hazel, willow.

BRIGHID- daisy, mistletoe, mugwort, St. Johnswort, thistle, grains, blackberry, hawthorn, oak, angelica.

PROTECTION- betony, birch, burdock, load, mugwort, sage, yarrow, aromatic plant, rue, lavender.

HEALING- cinquefoil, lavender, lemonbalm, mullein, sage, aromatic plant, guelder rose, basil, lavender, and moonflower.

STRENGTH/ENERGY- dragons blood, supercilious be radiant, Vervain, orange blossom, apple blossom, woodruff.

CREATIVITY- parsley, catnip, hawthorn, anis, lavender.

DIVINATION- clover, mugwort, oleander, damiana, moonwort, marigold, rowan.

BLESSINGS- chamomile, dianthus, elderflower, fennel, oat, load, rue, Vervain.

WISDOM-, aromatic plant, willow, yew, supercilious.

PURGING/RELEASING- supercilious, branch, garlic, hyssop, lavender, purplish-blue, mugwort, onion, aromatic plant, skullcap, thistle, valerian, woodruff, willow.

DEATH/OTHERWORLD/DARK MOON- amaranth, yew, willow, nightshade, belladonna, agaric, snowberry, henbane. "(not for anointing)"

LUCK/CURSES- cypress, dragon's blood, wormwood, yarrow, primrose, rowan.

LOVE-apple, parsley, catnip, dill-flower, elm, ginger, lemon ease, marigold, marjoram, red heather, yarrow, roses, strawberry be radiant, pear blossom, orris root, pansy, oleander, daffodil, daisy, cinnamon, lily, lotus, geranium, hibiscus, vanilla, poppy, lavender, primrose, violet, orange.

D'iLIS GLAS- lemon ease, English ivy, purplish-blue, wisteria, bluebell, red rose, butterfly hedge plant, apple blossom.

Source: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com