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Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Treasury Of Flower Fairies

A Treasury Of Flower Fairies


Choice the former few weeks I've been reading this book to my youngster. It's a magazine of art featuring fairies and plant life, twisted by Cicley Mary Barker. I never heard of her previously, but while I found this book at a stinginess sale I thinking it was moral pretty and picked it up. Presumably the entertainer published eight books of bloom fairy art/poems, which claim equally been compiled inside a few unique collections.

Each passage in the book has an perfect knack of a fairy, with its accompanying plant or bloom (some are plants, or roadside "weeds" not all starkly plant life). The fairies' clothing echoes the petals or foliage of their grass, and the entertainer recycled children from her sister's nursery class for models. They're so harmonious and diagrammatic. The way each fairy reflects the skin of his/her bloom or tree is really very well done. I beloved looking at the pictures. The paintings are accompanied by poems, which envision no matter which about the sort of the plant. I actually intellectual a few things from the poems- the names of a few grass I recount but never knew their district. Evident of them, motionless, were remorseless to read aloud- the ramparts did not jet smoothly, and haphazardly we came obliquely an weird word I had to bear with to my daughter- considering "bairn, wetland" or" sun-hat". It's really a lovely book. I'd be pleasurable to find unorthodox of the series.

RATING: 4/5......... 126 pages, 1923

Delay the website where you can see very of her artwork.

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