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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Working With The Crone Aspect

Working With The Crone Aspect Image
Moon phase: Waning
Season: Autumn, Winter
Time: Midnight
Colors: Black, gray, purple, midnight blue

The Crone is the most difficult of the three goddess aspects to place in human age. She is the benevolent grandmother who you go to when you are in need of some sound advice, but she is also the Dark Goddess, the frightening hag. She is, in many ways, more powerful than the Mother aspect.

Rituals Involving the Crone
Banishing, binding, ending
Coming to terms with the aging process
To understand hidden knowledge, mysteries, and wisdom
On the death of a person or a pet
Ending relationships, jobs, friendships
When getting the garden and plants ready for winter
A regrouping of energies at the end of a cycle

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