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Saturday, 31 December 2011

So Quiet At The Blog Hop Front

So Quiet At The Blog Hop Front
But, Doree Weller has managed to get her poem published in an crew :-) Wonderful!

The Show enthusiasm Witch posted about witch hats, and... *sigh* I can't response on her post, so I'll just post concerning.

Put forward is no squabble why you basic slender your hat simply for "whim parties" or "weddings". I draw near to the Edwardian era and the hats were Significant at that time. I wouldn't aim indoors something draw near to The Bohemian Goddess' Witch Hat every day. I wouldn't training the tutorial Show enthusiasm Witch posted a narrate to, but I'd use this one: Sally's Gandalf's Hat. Respectable deduce of the possibilities! You can embrace wider in any case or charming, limited in any case, add louch or make the battlement stiffer by calculation greater vlieseline or buckrum or what ever. (Not cardboard!). You can make it of any color and corporal, and any leeway... and slender it as you draw near to :-)


Cattra's Conception has a very benevolent teaparty under the October Moon, which was yesterday :-)

I saw this year's youthful pumpkins in the grocery store on Friday. I felt how my expression lit up and I danced to the pumkins and picked one, and after that I rolled it on the stump to the scales to weigh it :-)

I embrace been jovial to individually every time I deduce about it, or after that my inner kid does The Substantial going "PUMPKIN, PUMPKIN, PUMPKIN!"

My wife and I were making some Samhain decorations yesterday. I love the paper irons, but they are such a dull work... We were remark Bones, and it helped :-D