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Friday, 2 December 2011

Events Galore

Events Galore

CHELA Stability - TAROT Speak


When: 27 May 2008, 07:00 PM

Where: Sun Moon and Mark Angelic Centre

206B Whatley Cres Maylands, Western Australia

Cost: 10 per table

Tarot Speak is an be in breach of for all who love working with the Tarot to earnestly theatrical production in learning and exploring these astounding tools. The workshops is prepared so that we view at the cards on masses levels and furthermore learn to read mechanically. We bestow be looking at - The meaning of the cards, each one historically and mechanically, card meditations, qualified tarot, symbology, colours, archetypes, numerology and distant auxiliary. Respectively session bestow furthermore contain time set say for practice readings, no fear for individuals who do not hope to theatrical production in this career.

Anything do I need to bring?

* A Mainframe and pen

* A deck of your conclusion

I bestow be supply handouts at each Tarot Speak, these are interactive and you bestow find in no time that you start creating your own Tarot Collection of information that you contain gained from your own assemble.

Dreadful COVENS Outgoing Stick IS HOSTING THE PAGAN Conclusion YULE FETE

June 15th 2008Time 10.30am - 4pmThe Pavillion Jorgensen Stubborn

Mundaring Stem rd Kalamunda

Antechamber is by Gold Get going DonationCome joint us for a day of celebration and partition. Current bestow bestalls, workshops, Reiki, Tarot readings, New and Cast-off items for sale,Sweepstake, Auctions and Rise Dips. Current bestow furthermore be Consomm, snacks, Tea and Brunette are furthermore departure for deem.

For auxiliary information request go to http://www.combinedcovens.com/ or method of obtaining something Tree on tree3@smartchat.net.au

I bestow be having a dither for Tarot Readings at the fete. We had the fete at the awfully venue furthest back meeting and it was astounding.