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Sunday, 18 November 2012


APOLLO, in Greek mythology, son of the god Zeus and Leto, young woman of a Titan.
He was exceedingly called Delian from Delos, the coral isle of his commence, and Pythian, from his massacre of Python, the storybook serpent that guarded a memorial on the mountains of Parnassus.

In Homeric footer Apollo was first and foremost a god of forecast. His highest precious oracle was at Delphi, the site of his succeed from beginning to end the Python. He sometimes gave the gift of forecast to mortals whom he dear, such as the Trojan princess Cassandra.

Apollo was a dexterous comedian, who elated the gods with his thought on the lyre. He was exceedingly a master archer and a fleet-footed high jumper, recognized with having been the unusual champion in the Olympic games. His congruence sister, Artemis, was the keeper of unripe women, and Apollo was the special guardian of unripe men. He was exceedingly the god of farming and keep and of light and truth. He educated humans the art of healing.

Individual tales represent Apollo as hard and repentant. According to Homer's Illiad, Apollo answered the prayers of the priest Chryses to get the justify of his young woman from the Greek general Agamemnon by sharp excitable, pestilence- vehicle arrows here the Greek air force. He exceedingly abducted and ravished the unripe Athenian princess Creusa and alone her and the child natural to them. Possibly like of his beauty and enhance figure, Apollo was represented in ancient art on top of evenly than any other deity.