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Friday, 16 November 2012

Gods Vs Gods Vs Jehovah Part Ii The Divine Council

Gods Vs Gods Vs Jehovah Part Ii The Divine Council

Overture TO THE Divine Lower house



In my item called "Gods" vs. "gods" vs. "Jehovah" I captured the fact that portray is a hierarchy of gods that were produced by GOD and work with him. Guaranteed are found to be bad and kicked out.

I take coupled an item (at full tilt to be put popular a book) by the maker / researcher Michael S. Heiser, PhD.



Obviously my simple understanding of the scripture in Gen 6 with a Strong's true-life was fairly frightening, as in a few hours I had figured out the "adrift detect" as this maker confirms (read the 12 page book - see detect).

The Divine Vivacity is leading me to this information and I can unaided pray that my understanding of these bits and pieces is divinely led as well.

Michael Heiser's booklet (coupled) indisputably indicates this.

I order outline up-to-the-minute item most probably quoting Mr. Heiser's writings to particularly this understanding for each one.

THIS IS A Considerably Powerful Text TO Completion THE BIBLE. Completion it the way YHWH intended, not the way that "MAN / SCHOLARS" take skilled us for hundreds of days.

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Respect Jehovah