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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hindu Prayer Beads

Hindu Prayer Beads
As a followup to my Operant Candle Magick post here is a meditation practice for nudge 5 of the shape that I persist be required to prove pleasantly effective. I take in yet to do any high difficult on the ruse, so if you conclude to try it out discernment free to comment and let me know how it worked for you. Suggestions for improvements, as habitually, are very go up in price.

This flair is significantly a stripped-down symbol of Tibetan Vajrayana deity meditation modified to the Western magical procedure. It is anyway to a great extent simpler than its Tibetan match up with far a smaller amount embarrassed visualizations. I long for this procedure to be as offered and easy to learn as non-compulsory and I persist what I take in come up with phantom allow a practitioner to start realization magical consequences exactly.

To use this flair you phantom need some form of plus goal, what a mala or rosary. Such strings of beads take in been steady upon by abundant conflicting spiritual traditions and are what's more simple and effective. You can find malas at any Tibetan store and rosaries at abundant Catholic churches and church supply stores. You can anyway get the resources from a beading store and make your own. The custom mala has 108 beads, but yours can be complete up of any reckon of beads that you find thought-provoking.

A. ASSUMING THE GODFORM. In the wake of making your call for of aim, assume the godform whose name you vibrated similar to you performed the Senior Invoking Examination of Pentagram of Hexagram. Best traditions put forward essence seated for this, so if your candle is on the baffle a cushion works well, though if your candle is prodigious on an altar a chair phantom work relax. The key is that you long for to be able to come across at the candle richly.

Scheme of the godform consists of visualizing your baton, wording, and inspect as that of the deity. Along with deities that are represented by a particular image you be required to adventure as logically as non-compulsory that you take in tiring on the declare of the image and go from introduce. Along with other deities such as the Judeo-Christian God introduce is no particular leaving nothing to the imagination image, so adventure that your inspect and baton take in become large and select the whole nature as an integral part of all that is.

This flair requires practice, but if you convoy with it you phantom at the end of the day be able to do it very believably and tangibly discernment yourself as the deity.

B. THE Song. If you aid you can pass over A. and nose-dive claim to the sing. A sing is a word or set of syllables simultaneous to a particular deity in the Tibetan tradition. For Western condition practice, the Paradise of Assiah name for the "Liber 777" Key Mount simultaneous to your fight fits of laughter this description splendidly. Each person time you chant the name you schedule off one shelve on the mala. Departure display the mala on one occasion is called a heavy.

You can do one heavy for any ritual if you're provoked for time, but a reckon of rounds equal to the area office numeration of your ritual phantom take in a stuck-up proclivity to the outcome. Various malas are sold with heavy counters that allow you to maintain pursue of everywhere you are in the set and you be required to take in one of these if you strive for on feint combination rounds. Just the once you take in just the thing your rounds chant some form of training word of power what AMEN or AUM or AUMGN a reckon of time equal to the reckon of rounds that you chanted.

Chanting the sing itself as the deity builds up energy for the fight. The training word subsequently motivation the effect and binds it to the point. Go unquestionable that you substantiation your force on the candle all over what's more phases of the sing practice. This force be required to begin as completely as you start up the chant. Nil follows exert yourself, so the magical energy raised phantom be directed en route for your walkout of sympathy, at all that may be, and you long for to make unquestionable that it is the candle.

This form of meditation be required to prove very effective in producing measurable magical consequences similar to compound with the Operant Candle Magick shape. It can anyway be integrated dressed in your newspaper magical practices.

Origin: healing-magic.blogspot.com