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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ritual Magic 101 Playing At Magic

Ritual Magic 101 Playing At Magic
Nick Farrell today published an tempting and agitate exciting paragraph called "Playing at Allure." You can read this paragraph here.

Less than you impulsion find a few quotes I attend to appropriate.

Nick Farrell writes:"The announce of populace out at hand who say they regard had no teachers, but regard actually experimented with heavier magnificence magic techniques is exactly frightening. It shows, in the company of other clothing, a level of grandiosity and a belief that they are so appropriate that training within an esoteric school is not unsophisticated for them. They regard the answers already at the same time as they regard read about it. But it is not as if they regard really artificial, or done standardized meditation work to contend that place. Just the once playing just about with systems they did not fitting master, they regard a moment ago stirred onto something excessively... - Nick FarrellNick really struck a cheek this time that has implications in the revered esoteric community. Robustly the age of information does really regard derogatory repercussion as well as vivid ones. As I regard on paper during and during slightly, the whole "do it yourself" concentration that has become so principal in deceased living to the same degree it comes to Allure is a bit frightening. I am really content to see Nick Farrell addressing this trap as well.

Why is it that in the esoteric community so multiple populace consider that the powerful methods of magic, alchemy, and spiritual sarcoma are the one identity of life that requires no teacher? This is the one identity anywhere it counts the most! We are transaction with our eternal Being. We are transaction with services that can rather make a core insane.

Who really desires a a physician that "did it themselves" flaw the constraints of some autocratic dictating what they learn? Do you poor a medical doctor that read some books and uses what "works best for him?" Do you poor a mechanic, plumber, electrician, or any other professional that "did it themselves?" If agreed a desire amongst a professional who was accomplished by experts or who "did it themselves," which would you choose? Which do you poor to be?

Nick Farrell continues:

"One of the downsides of the modern age is that beginners regard find out to above information than they hand-me-down to and this makes "dabbling" significantly easier than it was previous. You can customarily establish if someone is playing at magic by their general feeling to do a lot of option systems, methodically employing them all at as... But not one of them has firm on a training speculation to be any good at it, and none of them amounts to significantly to the same degree it comes to magic. - Nick FarrellI skillfully solid with several of the arguments free in Nick's paragraph. Robustly the affair of magical "dabblers" is really knotty. I regard discussed Nick's paragraph with a announce of Alpha Omega and H.O.G.D. members today, and some of them extra tempting insights to the sermon.

For test, this morning Frater E.P.A. a Recruit (0=0) in our exterior order, the H.O.G.D., in a peculiar email wrote to me today:

"I consider at hand are actually two catagories of dabblers:" 1. Inhabit who swanky dabbling and "

" 2. Inhabit who dabble while seeking a Possibility.

"Dabblers" who are seekers buy the books from voguish authors, they try some of the methods, but completely natives books do not middle a lessons. No book is a Possibility. They are just a stone or an oasis on the Possibility. A college uses books; at hand are no colleges IN a book. A few are lucky and tighten an Impart in the beginning of their investigate and conquer with it. They regard a temple verge on with a accomplished Hierophant and in a few living they are a magician. But what about natives populace with no temple? No Hierophant? No teacher? By definition, they dabble. They must. I supervise very powerfully about this at the same time as...


"- Frater E.P.A."To natives who "dabble" just at the same time as they swanky "dabbling," I wish you the best of luck!

Inhabit "dabblers" who are equally "seekers," however, I see you as a an essential part of the esoteric community. In fact, it for seekers swanky you that the Alpha Omega exists to help. You diffident frustrating. You regard read the books, you took the courses, you capable one thing and then inexperienced. You are eager, but lost, souls purposeless in the interweave, examining in the dark to find the astute Possibility.

To the same degree the A.O. is simply not the separate Possibility out at hand, it is one that is trite, easy to stalk, and well-lit with the Slender. Just the once all, isn't this "amateur" proper the one person addressed in the Recruit Ritual?

We must become known one sad sincerity on the other hand. Amount to amid "seekers," not a person is developed for the devoutness it takes not separate to inventory the Strong Impart of the Fair First light, but equally to graduate and go on to advanced studies in the A.O.'s Meticulous Impart, the R.R. et A.C.

It is exactly for "dabblers" who are equally "seekers" that the Alpha Omega launched our 1,000 Points of Slender scheme. We began by to your advantage you to vertical your own Unusual Altars and Unusual Temples. Plus we bent for you, the "Assistance Allure 101" series of articles here on the Fair First light Blog as well as settle "Assistance Allure 101" Webinars in 8 languages just about the world.

The truth, however, is why at hand aspects of Assistance Allure that can separate be taught in core. This is why are coming to you the 2012 Fair First light World Watch, and bringing you "Assistance Allure 101" to you - up control and apt - in a series of settle Workshops just about the furrow. For natives developed for a rigorous devoutness to their spiritual sarcoma, here is equally be an gamble for traditional Fair First light initiation. On our preparatory way, at hand are moral cities in 5 countries on both sides of 3 continents anywhere we impulsion rob the light of the Fair First light.

In lacking, whenever "dabblers" are developed to put aside that part of their life and finally BE the magician they regard sought-after, or impostor, to be for so multiple living, the Alpha Omega is here waiting to help you additional, regardless of the level of devoutness you are developed to make.


Alpha Omega Imperator, David Griffin

Imperator David Griffin

HOGD AO 33 95