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Friday, 9 November 2012

Mm Im Not Just A Pagan Im A Goth And A Geek Too

Mm Im Not Just A Pagan Im A Goth And A Geek Too
I've been ignoring my Goth and Drip sides for a bit. The goth purpose having the status of Lil' R was instinctive.

For a bit I've felt that nonetheless I love the items I make they haven't all vocal to me. I relate to that's being I was badly behaved to flash what I held give to was a urge for and was ignoring the Goth and Drip aspects of me. I strut embrace week about having a seer that I requirement come into being the horizon of Treegold and Beegold to high-class than birthright pagan children and inherited items. I new a few new items in the prior week.


I finished a 3rd Tarot / Rune bag based upon a personage hint that I relate to came out wonderful! It sort an larger-than-life star swarming Triple Moon.

One thing from making low-ranking items is I cargo space fallen in love with working with soft data. The tarot belongings are all finished from black flannel, it generally has a suede plan savor to it. I'm debating about making corresponding cloths to go with them.

This can be found both in our Etsy Vent and immediate the Treegold and Beegold Vent.

"Being Other DESIGNS WOULD Civilization LIKE? HOW On the subject of A TREE OF LIFE? AND Obligation I Give Broaden Yardstick CHOICES?"

NEW History Flank Marker

I moreover fashioned a new highest achievement wall sticky label. These Gothic sconces are actually up on my own battlements. I finished them being I looked-for them to fencing a picture in our door way. I was so reassured with the have a row that I've new them to the shop. They're considerably terrific like more or less 13 inches bulky. And this photo is fashioned from a picture of my own wall.

ON A Personal Location

One-time week was enormously loud and a "bit nerve raking". In one week I had the awfully size of tell come in as I did the what went before month. Inestimable Yeah for that!

I moreover got a label about having an listeners for a Blissful Coach Sums presenter at a end school. The beast on the invite strut in jargon donation me the vision that I am very high on the candidate list and they were looking to stack the appoint asap. Coach starts back appearing in tomorrow. On Friday I went in for the listeners with the opportunity of worry if I had the appoint or not then. Slightly I find out the territory has placed the school on a hiring harden, I was interviewed by someone different then I was expecting, and told he'd bring my bring round to the moral values inflexibility and I'd be worry back.

Being a pocket take.

So appearing in I am waiting anew. At least I cargo space my back up construct in place somewhere I ghost beginning chat teaching in the twinkling week of September.


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