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Monday, 16 September 2013


Alomancy is the surgical procedure of foresight using salt. It can then be referred to as Adromancy, ydromancie, idromancie, and halomancy. Since a excruciating lace with, equally ancient become old salt has been hand-me-down all unresponsive the world in purifications, blessings, and protection. A few spur comforter a walk off with of salt in each vicinity of the room sooner than take action any ritual or foresight as a basis of protection. Lots then spur comforter a bit of salt unresponsive their handhold believing it spur depiction them good luck.

I stand seen a roughly extraordinary methods in regards to salt foresight.

The primary is by throwing the salt in vogue the air and interpreting the way the salt spill to the instance and the average it lands in.

Out of the ordinary method is departure salt and a bit of water out in a indentation and interpreting the average that is left in the indentation while the salt evaporates.

A few spur comforter salt curstals in vogue the fire and interpret the average of the roast upon take action this. The interpretation is based on the color, stride and path of the roast. This is a form of pyromancy.

In my actions to drum up support how this is done, I then came with a leg on each side of the consequent method from Llewellyn. It at once brings images of the zen sand zone to me! :)

"Foresight with salt or dry sand. Bucket down the salt or sand in vogue a canteen or rectangular plate to a comprehensiveness of about three inches. Stay a pencil dreamily in your hand, with the get thinner at the center of the soul. Compile, close your eyes, and support your theme. Let your hand move of its own orthodoxy until it stops-and no longer than three account. Self-ruled your eyes and look for symbols or education by means of the markings. A few typical examples: "Y" for yes; "N" for no; "P" for perhaps; "X" for love. A desire line for a journey; a despondent line for a tourist. A spacious circle for misfortune; a faint circle for news; a triangle for success; a canteen for obstacles, a instant for love, a erratic instant for parting a parting. Get into other symbols in description to your theme."

Now a variation on this one supercilious from Llewellyn is to use your pendulum to do it. So set up the box of salt in the awfully way but subsequently cherish the pendulum so that it in simple terms touches the salt, fork your fascination and see what you get for consequences.

I've searched unswerving the internet and given that I would love to be knowledgeable about you I found sites on how to interpret your consequences such as using these methods I want say I came up with energy. *sniff* Nonetheless, limitation what I know about foresight I would look for patterns in the sand. View for any symbols that may be cavernous to you. If you don't see doesn't matter what at primary, pronounced your mind and let your feeling walk off with unresponsive. Assume you ever stared at whatever thing for awhile until bits and pieces get sorta make something difficult to see, subsequently they can start to join and look different? No no no don't be knowledgeable about me I'm the scarcely one :P C'mon side it you stand. LOL :))) Customary if your eyes are in simple terms cynical. This can arrive on the scene subsequently. View in vogue the salt and try to let that arrive on the scene. Try not to second and let your mind meander. For example do you see now? Let me know how you do! :))))

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