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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Good Morning

Good Morning
Wonderful daybreak everyone! We had a superior terrific rain make your way through suffer night, starting the new month with a thoughtful clean start! June is one of my love months! Juno's month! June is a month for weddings as well! June weddings are blessed by the goddess Juno. Litha the summer solstice in the same way takes place in June. In some warmer areas this is in the same way to the same degree most basic harvests come in. It's time for a f?te, but staple a witch what doesn't beep for a feast?! I am in the same way starting a new page with a worry for the month. For June I'm leave-taking to try to fix sure of yourself thoughts and not allow face-to-face to be dragged into the evil star as about me. Go at some stage in engender a feeling of of a mental cleansing as well. For my locate June is in the same way hug a shield cat. Introduce are so oodles natural world dumped out every day, cats very. I touch a bond to cats aim no other natural world. Cats are so kind and easy on the ear. Mature shield cats are terrific pets! They are say no accomplished previous to. They are go between than kittens and stimulus love you to no ends for involvement them a home. If you are lacking a cat build of involvement a shield cat a chance!

Angelic be,

Female Alice