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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The High Priestess The Hermit And The Tower

The High Priestess The Hermit And The Tower
A while ago I posted about the friends of the Critical Arcana in the traditional plan and started with the first of all set of three. http://ethony.blogspot.com/2009/06/magician-strength-and-devil-all-walked.html

Indoors are the later than three:

The Hilly Priestess - Ratify 2The Hermit - Ratify 9The Growth - Ratify 16

Indoors is what I last they all think in common: Asphyxiate

Asphyxiate is inflexible in the dictionary as:

1. to hide; break away or remove from observation; cover or case from sight2. to case secret; to prohibit or dodging disclosing or significant

Each of these cards has a sonorous meaning or implies that not is all as it seems, beckoning us to hound and chance.

THE Hilly PRIESTESS sits amid two pillars with a secrete draped amid the two in a lot of decks. It is in poor taste agreed that next the secrete are the ladder that lead to the underworld. The Hilly Priestess marries with Persephone in Primal Greek Tradition who is the wife of Hades and queen of the underworld. She sits amid 'black' and ashen, shadow and light and holds a scroll of shared secrets on her lap. She is the model who asks us to plea, to look deeper, to hound seriously and understand that life is not black and white. She is along with the matriarch in spiritual administration, combined with the Hilly Holy man. She does not involve yourself in the secrets to any person and this card repeatedly appears in spreads everyplace recruits are undergoing spiritual and esoteric learning. She is along with the guardian of the secrete amid the worlds.

THE Hermit stands informative the path for natives who wish to branch within to find the truth of years. He acknowledges that truth of who we are and our place in the seat can plainly be found within. This is the hardest thing for some recruits to do, to look within and comment a light on their shadow selves and keep on with education. The Hermit is repeatedly found in readings in the same way as the amount is years asked to break away from a touch or from life for a time and expend their energy years still and listening the the whispers within.

THE Growth can be a very confronting card for best recruits who seize the card on direct condition with the lightening struck stand up and the hurt it causes. I won't lie the Growth is one bearing of a card. The Growth is gaining, curt and repeatedly out of our dominance. Vary comes forcing one to evaluation and start back at the foundations. This card asks if your Growth was really a sandcastle? Experiences of like lightning focus and pepper bearing recruits to really see what they are prepared of, can they dig in and handle the twister, learn the lesson and move on or do they adjournment and lowly others success veiled beneath the debris. The Growth presents us with an relax to start again and to awareness a deeper understanding of what shapes us and why we make the choices we do?

This is what I get from these cards and their linked friends, look more rapidly and dig deeper.