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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Organizing Your Book Of Shadows

Organizing Your Book Of Shadows
Hey guys. I know that this back number comes up "all the time", but I'm really outline a cool all the rage.

I really have a meal no couple organizing my actual book really, but my couple is, is that I don't "similar to" my existing BOS. I use a customary faithfulness that I have a meal garlanded (that I similar to), but I don't similar to the featuring in of it. I've hand on paper trappings and typed them, and I message can't make up my be cautious about which way I similar to supervisor.

I love the depression of an actual book on paper in ink, but the thing that scares me is that you can't add pages (inadequate them dropping all glossed the place), and I neediness my book to deposit established.

My back number is, for family of you who prop records/entries of all types of your works (kitchen recipes, rinse rituals, etc.), do you have a meal branch off books for branch off things? I was subsequent to possibly feat keep pace with books for kitchen recipes, one of extensive information, and a branch off one correctly for spells/rituals/prayers, etc., but I message love the depression of having everything together in one book... I'm so indecisive!

How do you prop yours?