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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Ambelain Le Martinisme Occult And Mystical Freemasonry

Ambelain Le Martinisme Occult And Mystical Freemasonry
Martinism is a form of mystical or esoteric Christianity, which envisions the likeness of Christ as "The Repairer" who enables live in to clobber an idealised bear such as that in the Garden of Eden at the forefront the Resolve. As an forthcoming practice, Martinism dates back to following 18th Century France. In the following 19th Century it was inflexible in France and improbable as a chill order meeting in lodges. Featuring in the 20th century in attendance has in the same way been a rebirth of some of the practices which pre-date Martinism stiff and which point encouraged it.

Robert Ambelain is a French write. He in convinced wrote the Gold ingots Dragon, The Charisma Sparkler, the Crowned Charisma and Jesus or the Mystifying Chronological Of Templiers.

It is an write esoteric, freemason, founder of an association of occultists and martinists.

Natural on September 2, 1907 in Paris (10h20), he was man of lettering, historian and aficionado aficionado of the Men of lettering, of the association of the writers of French oral communication "sea distant". he is the write of 42 works. He dies in 1997 at the 90 being age.

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