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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Vol 3 Pages 51 52

Vol 3 Pages 51 52
I'm back from Otakon! Hello new readers and old :D Here's your delayed update since I spent most of yesterday night clearing up my backlog of e-mails and messages. There were some problems but I've had an otherwise fun, fulfilling and smooth weekend! I didn't starve this year, my trips were safe and smooth, and I got to really meet and talk to a lot of people. Thanks everyone who showed up to chat and to get stuff too! I'm really happy about the con despite all the set backs and worries before my leave.

I also got these adorable veloces from Anna and Zetallis ;-; AND THEY'RE THE ORIGINAL im so happy ahhhh

VOTING BONUS: a little sketch I did during the con when I didn't feel like inking pages! It's some sort of design for a deity spirit in Maelstrom. Her name is Kiriumfonstis, but she's is more commonly known by another title that you will find out/figure out soon enough in the story. There are a bunch of lesser deities like this one that I would like to have developed for the world below the ranks of the Demon Lords, but since my world is so poorly defined right now, I can't really make them just yet until I setup everything else more ):

Reference: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com