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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pagan Banner Advertising

Pagan Banner Advertising
I create had requests for the Witches Shot Media hype, slightly of a regulation card ad in entertainment guide, they would reasonably create a streamer ad in the get in touch with. So at least the flag Witches Shot adverts, you now get your 790 x 90 pixel streamer ad across the following sites miserable base. If you create ahead of purchased adverts for the orbit and need to alter from Business card to streamer ad email me and I impulsion fix it for you.

So for 80 you get a streamer ad across the sites miserable base for one year from make sure of contain, open you streamer on the Midwest Witches Shot Framework until 10/2013. Recoil bewildered across the full orbit lattice of 20000 (for less significant ad purchased - 35000 for 200 section)

A great deal Play against

Behest film expenditure

As a base any sales, classes or other deeds you hold can be posted on the following:

- Facebook http://www.facebook.com/WitchesBall

- Facebook Subject http://www.facebook.com/pages/Witches-Ball/125955090787549

- Myspace http://myspace.com/themichiganwitchesball

- Witches Shot eGroup http://groups.yahoo.com/group/witchesball/

- Pagan Pause http://www.paganspace.net/profile/Midwest Witches Ball

470 x 70 Direction on the following

Our Superior Residence - http://midwestwitchesball.com

MySpace - http://myspace.com/themichiganwitchesball

Residence II - http://unrealwitchesball.com/

Residence III - http://michiganwitchesball.com/

Pagan Shops Online - http://paganshopsonline.com/

Pagan Pause - http://www.paganspace.net/profile/Midwest Witches Ball

Facebook (magazine forlorn) - http://www.facebook.com/WitchesBall

Meaning Baby book Subject (magazine forlorn) - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Witches-Ball/125955090787549

Posted in the argue, padlock wall of the following

Witches Shot eGroup (magazine forlorn) - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/witchesball/

Quiver - http://twitter.com/paganupdates

Recoil your 790 x 90 Direction on the following

Midwest Witches Shot http://midwestwitchesball.com/

Pagan Marketing http://paganmarketing.net

Pagan WebMaster http://paganwebmaster.com/

Vivaciousness One Webzine http://spiritonewebzine.com/

Pagan Procedures http://paganevents.net

Pagan Pale Pages http://paganyellowpages.net/

Pagan Shops Online http://paganshopsonline.com/

Michigan Pagans Facts & Figures http://michiganpagans.com/

New Age MRR http://newagereseller.net/

The Pagan Companionable Framework http://thepagansocialnetwork.com/

Completed By Witches http://madebywitches.com

New Age Deals http://findnewagedeals.com/

Pagan Retailing Guard http://paganauctionhouse.com

My Pagan Relatives http://mypaganfriends.com/

Pagan "Abruptly" URL http://paganurl.com/

Alcove Blanket Guides http://wholesaleguides.net/

5th Piece Jewelry http://paganshoponline.com/

Got Goth? http://gotgothshop.com/

Sub Sites

Untreated Pagan Ebooks http://paganshopsonline.com/greenpaganebooks/

Yoga Investment http://yoga.paganshopsonline.com/

New Age Blanket Coupons http://wholesaledeals.paganwebmaster.com/

Pagan Direction Initiator http://bannermaker.paganwebmaster.com/

Pagan SEO http://seotoolkit.paganwebmaster.com

Pagan Top 100 http://pagantop100.paganwebmaster.com/

If this interests you and you need to pay in full go voguish http://midwestwitchesball.com/sponsoring/ if you need to expenditure email me for first-class info.

Gordon Ireland


Michigan Witches' Shot Mission