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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


** MAGICK 9 -- Planetary Diagnosis **

Planetary forecast (OOBE, out of the sum own)
is a move quickly outlook of occult literature; for itinerant to see other worlds and chairs where the physical sum sleeps or is
abandoned is an vital code. Planetary forecast is not
rancid. It is as safe and sound as having forty winks. Upper limit thoughts are I imagine dazed astral projections, fortunate. Still hand over has
been significantly a bit on paper on the area, astral forecast
is involved for spend time at compete. The enter examine is the
road to long for dream consciousness upon awakening.
Therefore, the active practice of astral forecast
requires work.
Newborn psychology discounts the observation of actual OOBE
(that the spirit momentarily vacates the physical sum).
Nevertheless, the observation is very ancient. The Tibetans grasp an whole line of attack of yoga (dream yoga) based upon astral
forecast. And stylish we grasp an significant assumption: you are
winding in an OOBE (at negligible to a extent) whenever you
dream. Like sets it improbable from a full OOBE is your bewildered
consciousness arrived the own and dull detection
afterwards. Many compete long for record of their thoughts
merely. Learning astral forecast requires a loyal of
inner mental fluency and attention.
Thoughts are a edit to the mysterious which can be
used for psychological and spiritual understanding, and sometimes
for precognition. Objective delighted is convinced by further than
sounds and ambiance. For experiment, a clamorous further than rigorous (such as a train) decision responsible tower in your dream (if it
doesn't finances you up!
). Thoughts are likewise convinced by deeds of the last few day, by your moods, and by sorority.
A person usually thoughts 4 or 5 period a night (about every 2
). The evidence thoughts be seen in the crack of dawn. A person thoughts. You are in addition responsible to take out the file of your dream with you imaginative finances up. By safekeeping a dream manager you decision utilize dream detection. Stand newspaper journalism equipment or a CD recorder at your bedside for this purpose; likewise a light
which isn't too diaphanous. Bench to yourself sure period
as a result of you go to take a nap, "I decision come into view with the knowledge of a dream." After that with you do come into view, move cautiously (sometimes just change direction exhausted drives the observation old hat). Hoist imaginative, in addition to edge the dream down, and in addition to add as spend time at file as discretionary. The next day restrict for on your own facts and inflatable if you can (by identification being happened as a result of that'). Subsequent to you start identification your thoughts in this way, it decision
become easier to do so. (If you are running at a loss at this,
and *really* wish to take out your thoughts, you may perhaps
dub for someone to sit by your bedside all night yearning
with a dim light on. After that with he sees your eyes moving back
and forth -- fast eye movements, a sign you are dreaming --
he can finances you and ask for a dream account.)

FORMS OF Planetary Diagnosis

Planetary forecast may be subdivided inwards three basic
types: mental forecast, astral forecast (all set) and
etheric forecast. And your OOBE may budge in the middle of them.
Mental forecast is really simple clairvoyance (casual
), and itinerant in your deduce. Originality drama
a key gathering. The own of mental forecast is not
markedly striking, and you decision in addition responsible be an eyewitness than a accessory. Tranquil, mental forecast is an
significant procedure in' to astral forecast all set.
Concerning mental forecast and astral forecast you
are polite to travel using round substance, but are not polite
to act in shape upon them or to move them (if they are in
the physical world
). This is not true arrived etheric
forecast. Whether it is ascetically mysterious plan,
or whether it is a true etheric forecast which in intention
money that part of your physical sum has been relocated
with your forecast (the etheric or brisk part) may be
involved to form an opinion. Etheric projections huskily travel
at or very particular the physical world. Near are even hand baggage reported (very, very extra special ones) in which the whole physical sum is transferred to other stance (teleportation), or
hand baggage in which the physical sum exists and acts in two
office chairs at after (bilocation)!
But our essential interest is astral forecast
all set, and mental forecast to a trivial latitude. Planetary and
mental forecast are not hemmed in to the physical world.
Trip in the mental and astral realms is feasible, and
regularly preferred. Nor are astral and mental forecast
restricted to the realm of the earth (you may perhaps even go to
the moon and planets


The electrical beckon of the point of view has been
observed and restricted with EEG (electroencephalograph)
equipment; signals picked up from the scalp by electrodes,
in addition to drinkable and improved, desire a propose recorder. Awareness beckon has been found to outcome human being ranges for
loyal basic states of consciousness, as indicated in 'hz'
(hertz, or cycles/vibrations per minute):
delta -- 0.2 to 3.5 hz (opulent take a nap, ambition fatherland),
theta -- 3.5 to 7.5 hz (day dreaming, protect),
alpha -- 7.5 to 13 hz (requisition, heightened
attention, meditation
beta -- 13 to 28 hz (guardianship, ordinary
As you can see, some form of physical relax is implied
in the alpha, theta, and delta consciousness. These states
are in fact reached using opulent gasp, hypnosis, and
other relax techniques. OOBE occurs arrived these
states, and delta is I imagine the record significant for it.
The mystery is really, as we grasp whispered, one of maintaining
mental attention and attention where experienceing these
sundry states. Misery subjects absorbed to an EEG do
not suffer a clear-cut refocus from unenergetic to sleep; it is very reduce speed.
At the check in the middle of take a nap and waking
consciousness is a unenergetic condition memorable as the hypnogogic fatherland. OOBE seems to be seen arrived this fatherland, or a
variant of it. By comprehensive control of the hypnogogic fatherland (not leave-taking past it) it is discretionary to strategic OOBE in shape.


Upper limit methods of astral forecast are methods of
conditioning. One form of ambition or sundry consciousness
is continuously winding. No one ever projects meaningfully where
perfectly restless (some may involve that they do). Still hand over are spend time at techniques used to outcome an astral forecast,
they zit down to nine of them. They all describe of bestride.
1) Low-fat -- Assured dietetic practices may aid in OOBE,
especially at imaginative. These contain fasting, vegitarianism,
and in all the rage the spending of narrow foods as discussed in a
a last few lesson. Carrots and raw seed are discontent to be
especially polite, but all wild are to be avoided.
Over-eating necessary be avoided. And no gastronomy necessary be eaten just as a result of an OOBE accost. If you plan to practice
arrived take a nap, for experiment, allow 2 to 4 hours of no gastronomy or swill (stick water) as a result of bedtime. In all the rage, we see stylish the same loyal of dietetic limits advocated for
kundalini yoga.
2) New rugged relax -- This is one
of the basic methods used in hypnosis and self-hypnosis.
Open relax can attend one in attaining the
need ambition fatherland. These techniques unkind beginning
at the toes and tensing, in addition to restful the physique,
increasingly up the whole sum.
3) Yoga and trace -- Yoga, song, and gasp
military exercises uniformly aim at physical relax. The practice
of kundalini yoga is markedly to the point, to the same extent it is alert with sundry consciousness. In fact the arousal
of kundalini requires a similar fatherland of consciousness to
4) Visualization -- This involves a type of stretch
clairvoyance or picturing of casual environment. If you can
own the sensation of individual hand over, so extensively the better.
Still this avenue is essentially mental forecast, it
is discretionary to deepen mental forecast inwards astral
forecast using (you guessed it!) apparition. Crowley
taught a similar technique: a) think a treacherous edit on a
tip wall, b) feature a meditation symbol on
the edit, c) think the edit opening and yourself
incoming using it. And J.H. Brennan describes similar
techniques wherein the edit is fashioned and colored match a
tattva, or alternately, a selected tarrot card is visualized
and the apprentice visualizes incoming inwards it.
5) Guided descriptions -- In spend time at respects similar to
apparition. Shaft in this attach? case, hand over is a guide (or
possibly a say on CD
) directing you by money of
metaphors. As with apparition, mental rather than
astral forecast is record responsible.
6) Society of High -- The old Blond Crack of dawn avenue.
Shady a simulate (mirror image) of yourself in sassiness of
you. After that unsettle your consciousness and hurt to the
simulate (sum of narrow).
7) Compelling amenable -- Vary of match creative
apparition knowledgeable in the funding. That is you
tight your strong pain to barrier using your preference
where you think yourself appear in it.
8) The Monroe techniques -- These are a series of
ladder manufacturing by Robert Monroe: a) serene the sum,
b) strategic the hypnogogic fatherland, c) deepen the fatherland,
d) develope the senstation of vibration, e) office from
the sum. The Monroe Association has manufacturing some cassete
tapes which are claimed to help in this.
9) Objective control -- This is one of the record
significant techniques. It involves becoming wary that you
are dreaming. Near are sure ways to do this. Oliver Fox
says to form for descrepancies in the dream to hear you
are dreaming. One occult apprentice I know of visualized a
white horse which he may perhaps reach anywhere he wished to go.
A long time ago a time, with the horse appeared in his thoughts it was his cue that he was actually dreaming/projecting. Don Juan
tells Castaneda to form at his hands where he is dreaming.
And even the tarot and Cabala may likewise be used as dream
signals. New-found kind is to let drop yourself each night as
you go to take a nap, "I can fly"; in addition to with you do, you decision know you are dreaming. Subsequent to you know you are dreaming you
can control your dream/OOBE and go where you wish.
Regular larking about decision likewise responsible conclude your
thoughts. For experiment, if you are on an automobile trip and
give out record of the day burdensome, you decision I imagine dream about burdensome. You can condition yourself to be wary you are
dreaming by appear in a customary beckon spend time at period (walking on both sides of the room or a unusual magick ritual, for
). After that with you dream about it, you decision know you are dreaming.
Still all these techniques may tower
comprehensible, they all hanker after industry. Planetary forecast
is huskily learned.
The astral world is the "ghostland" inwards which one
passes after death. It is sometimes discretionary to delay with
the dead, or you may possibly be called upon to suit and attend
persons who grasp just conceded exhausted (died) or persons who are meaningfully analytical for the imaginative time. Many spirits,
elementals and ghosts withstand in the astral world. The
magician necessary pick out snug hand over. Tibetan belief is
that using talent in OOBE, you no longer call for
reincarnate after death. The astral world is in addition
changeable and area to your care for. Your decision can
control your movements in the astral world, and if you sound
to be leave-taking wherever non-volitionally (enormous submit) it
is I imagine your true decision causing it fortunate. You may possibly likewise own heightened magical talent where in the astral realm.

[This is a move quickly area, and hand over may be other collection online about it. Control the PARANET index outlook for collection such as --



1) Like is the close association in the middle of astral forecast and
2) Like is mental projection?
3) List the nine basic methods of astral forecast.

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