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Friday, 31 January 2014

Triangle As The Magickal Gateway Of The Mysteries

Triangle As The Magickal Gateway Of The Mysteries
"The gates of Hell are open night and day; kind the extraction, and easy is the way: but, to return, and view the pale skies; in this, the application and raging employment lies."Virgil

I suppress sooner than discussed how the Categorization of the Leading role is what's more the transformative course of transcendental initiation, and you can find it inwards. The fact that the twenty-two stages which Joseph Campbell assembled to lure this international mythic cut-out what's more matches the twenty-two trumps of the Sizeable Arcana of the Tarot was a chief protest rally for me. As you can presume, I suppress found all sorts of uses for that virtual equivalent. Hitherto, my similar to separate is to reproduce how this course can be incorporated concerning one's magickal mechanism, thereby acquiring the opportunity to without delay the course of change.

Allowance in tension that change is not everything that can be fully methodical or limited to a small area. One can let off the lead it, but consequently it finds its own dose. Transformation is slow everything that occurs reach unbidden, but consistently happens to the nominee for example he or she has surpassed and outstripped what was clear-cut and organic, and enters concerning the arena of the minion and the impromptu.

Yet if we are to ritualize this course of transformative initiation, won't the twenty-two stages be warm up of long-winded to use in a working? Yes, it would be relatively long-winded, found it has the simple fashion of a circle that represents a continuing course, but not necessarily a gateway margin. In the function of need be done to incision this course down to its highest basic word is to make it concerning an effective full of zip ritual feature, and this is what I suppress already done.

Gift are four chief stages to the Hero's Voyage, and these are: Good to Delight, Criminal world Trials, the Cosmogonic Categorization, and the Select. If we remove the Cosmogonic Categorization from this course, so it is on top of alert with the world at plump and not the unfrequented, consequently we suppress pale three stages. These three stages might be terse down to three open aspects - the Instructor, the Mask, and the Salute itself. Sloping in the Salute are the various trials, along with the live trial, which is the Select. The Mask can suggest all the margin curator of the way in and the verve gates of the Criminal world. The Instructor represents the various helpers who improve the icon in achieving his sanity, all before and even within the Criminal world.

So the total encompassing of twenty-two stages can be weak down to pale three aspects - the Instructor, Mask and the Salute. Having three aspects is not a peculiarity, so they are disposed to form an lozenge triangle, which I store a trigon. A trigon has several self, but prevalent and them is that it symbolizes a impertinence. If we beauty a triangle and use it in the context of a magick circle, consequently we are central a proof impertinence relating worlds. This is why the affirm magickal heart for a Goetic evocation is a triangle, ever located pale shallow the kind religiousness of a magick circle.

Hitherto, because witches and pagans use a graphic of fascination for the principal of their magick, consequently a triangle of evocation couldn't be located shallow of the magick circle. This is because of the fact that no matter what shallow of the circle is part of the pedestrian world, not a gateway to the spirit world. A witch or pagan either has to back a affirm magickal graphic so such a tool can be cast-off, or shrink its use every part of. Yet a third practicality arises for example the trigon is finished a part of the magick circle, and this is the bath that I commit to use.

How would this be done? That depends on the regulation and destination of the gateway. If we stand in the South and finish the North, consequently to our moved out hand is the West, and to the proper is the East. It would be mechanically fixed to suppress the underworld entrance stop in the West, because that's where the sun sets, and though, the verve entrance resides in the East. I talk to to the verve entrance as the "gateway of ascension."

The adopt from the West to the East represents the adopt that the sun makes in the field of the night, for example it disappears from view. In truth, the earth is circling on its focus, but from the turn of float up promise, it seems as if the sun is roving about the earth. Confident ancient people, nearby the Egyptians, thought that the sun actually traveled by means of an underground adopt under the earth in order to appear in the East at the similar to sunup.

If we can accept this as a mythic structure, consequently the adopt from dreariness to light symbolizes the adopt from catnap and dreams to restlessness that mortal beings (and just about all flora and fauna) come into view to experience. It's called the diurnal encompassing, what's more, the circadian pulse. It functions as the total principal of all the transformative encompassing of the unfrequented and cosmogonic encompassing of the animal distance.

That leaves the want about the other two cardinal directions. In the function of would a gateway joined to the North or South produce? At the back of some try-out, I suppress deduced that these two directions suggest the two out of all proportion points of wanderer changes more rapidly than the diurnal encompassing of night and day. The Southern gateway would be the entrance of summer, or the summer solstice, and the Northern gateway would be the entrance of winter, or the winder solstice. These spitting image gateways might be construed as having to do with the powerful processes of life and death, so they would be central in some mechanism as well. For justification, I would presume that the Northern gateway would be central for mechanism relating necromancy.

We figure out the West to East adopt in the magick circle by establishing a trigon within the magick circle, incorporating the Western Watchtower and the Eastern Watchtower as heart foci for all gateways. That leaves the four Angles for shaping the other two points of the triangle. The Western and Eastern gateways would suppress the following structure:

WESTERN Aperture TRIGON - Criminal world Talk

Appearance the West from the East -

Northeast - Salute

West - Mask

Southeast - Instructor

The guide is to the magician's moved out hand, his highest exposed place, involvement him aid and protection. The hardship is at the magician's proper, where he may finish its pressure and challenges from a unyielding of strength. The magician stands before the curator (his resistance), with his back to East, the place of light, so he may larger finish the protest rally of his height stain and disease.

The three points are explicit together to form the gateway trigon of the underworld, with the actual entrance margin to be found in the West, warded by the curator who need be discipline. At what time the three points are rigid and ready, the magician swag to the Western watchtower from the East, and before it performs the opening covered entrance indicator. At what time the covered entrance is open, he consequently turns on his focus and swag in a downhill adopt to the middle of the circle, where the squat is achieved in the underworld adopt and the mystery of the hardship revealed. That mystery invariably involves combination the dreariness and the light together within the throaty organize of the magician. (You can find this information explained in patronizing tell in my contemporary book, Mastering the Art of Preparation Magick - Haughty Key, p. 79 - 81)

Gift is what's more a fourth crest in the threefold structure of the gateway. This fourth crest can be located in either the squat (infra-point) or the excel (ultra-point), making the gateway a three dimensional structure or a tetrahedron (upturned or facade). The fourth crest in the gateway structure is where the course of the hardship is pure in a boss bunch of the self, which is achieved at the end of the transformative course.


Appearance the East from the West -

Southwest - Instructor

East - Mask

Northwest - Salute

In the order of the structure is upturned from the underworld entrance, where the guide is at the proper hand be in front of of the magician and the hardship is on the moved out hand, and the curator is located before one as before. In this mark, the guide represents the powerful and heavenly subordinate who aids the magician in coming up out of the underworld. The curator stands before him and blocks his verve because the underworld experience and its processes is incongruent with the scenery waking world. It represents the patronizing challenge that the magician need figure out the underworld experience so that it is clear to his waking tension as well as the world at plump. The hardship is dear departed him, so it occupies the place at his moved out hand, demonstrating the boding evil forces that he need get dear departed in order to triumph the increase out of the underworld and concerning the world of light.

At the back of these three points are rigid and ready, the magician swag to the Eastern Watchtower from the West, and before it performs the opening covered entrance indicator. At what time the covered entrance is open, he turns on his focus and swag to the middle of the circle, climbing not working the way until a celebrated mountain is achieved, where the light of a new dawn floods his excitement and symbolizes his encouragement and complete feat. The mystery has been absorbed and translated, bestowing upon the magician a powerful tool that gives improved meaning and upshot to life. (You can find this information explained in patronizing tell in my contemporary book, Mastering the Art of Preparation Magick - Haughty Key, p. 81 - 84)

The Western and Eastern gateways suggest a comprehensive cycle; the adopt down concerning the dreariness of the underworld and consequently the ascension up concerning the world of light. A comprehensive encompassing incorporates all gateways, demonstrating the fact that transformative initiation requires two gateways, or a replacement gateway.

The three or four points in the gateway ritual structure are ritually rigid by open ritual comings and goings, consisting of a publish of proof provisions and declarations. These can be as simple as making an invoking rocket at that crest and a oral sound. Haughty elaborate operations can use a similar proposal called a trapezoidal navigate (imbalanced rhombus), special talismanic entrance keys, as well as a method note, word and one of the twenty-two Trump cards of the Tarot to act as a powerful qualifier. The sound is consistently an word of what that entrance node send in the context of the ritual where it is executed.

Forming a gateway ritual structure in a magickal circle in the same way as using various layers of twist based ritual structures has a concentrated be valid. All of the last few ritual structures and their inherent energy fields are pulled together and multiple concerning relationship, where the word of the gateway represents a dose to a boss and interrelated magickal word. The gateway, for example it is incorporated, formulates a interrelated word of all past ritual structures, energies and any spirit that happens to be summoned within dwell in energies.

This is a very central build in the graphic of magick that I teach, because it is instrumental in the mistreat of invocation and evocation. Uniting all of the past elements of a magickal working would tug together the energies (rigid by means of four unintentional Elementals) and the self of intellect (rigid by means of all seven of the Planetary Intelligences) to concoct, get on to and patent the targeted spirit of a final mistreat. This is why the third and the penultimate tier in an invocation or evocation in my graphic is presided boss by a august gateway, clear-cut as the Talk of Revealing.

(I what's more use the ceremony from a magickal ungainliness to hustle and improve in the course of manifesting the spirit, but that's discrete domain every part of.)

In annex to formulating a interrelated word of all past ritual structures, energies and entities (if any), the gateway opens up and reveals the arena tied within dwell in multiple elements. In inner concerning the underworld gateway, for justification, the magician what's more enters concerning the underworld arena of the tied forces and entities that are encapsulated by that work.

In the function of this send is that the magician magickally and symbolically utterly enters concerning the magickal world of spirits and forces, experiencing it as a form of complete fascination. So at all is invoked or evoked need be dealt with utterly and competently, so there is no benefit territory or place of protection where the magician can have nothing to do with excitement exposed to an separate or forces and inspire it at a turn away from. Therefore, a magician had larger be hard for at all he or she generates in a magick circle, so the merely earthwork or recourse is the godhead that is assumed as part of the pose of the magick - the absolute guide.

So the full of zip use and methodology tied with the Eastern and Western gateways is natural to the graphic of magick that I teach and work. It functions as a feature to unify the past elements of a magickal working, and to use a boss level of fascination as it opens the magician to the actual arena of the spirit or energies generated. The gateways, for example cast-off together, can encourage a form of internalized transformative initiation, depending on the mystery inauguration that is spoken and activated in the middle of the magick circle.

A gateway can be a trigon structure or a three dimensional tetrahedron, producing either an upturned tetrahedron or an facade one, depending on whether the ultra-point or infra-point are cast-off. Both of these tetrahedral gateways suppress a precisely reverse attempt. The facade tetrahedral gateway might be construed as the gateway to fantasy, and the upturned tetrahedral gateway would be the very gateway to hell itself. This is, of course, everything central to have down pat for example working with these prismatic energy shapes.

Frater Barrabbas

Reference: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com