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Friday, 24 January 2014

Spark Of Active Creative Stellar Consciousness

Spark Of Active Creative Stellar Consciousness
As family who read my blog may hark back to, I presently prearranged my own set of criminal world "Dreampower" insight cards late my foremost helplessness to them appearing in a Druidic Samhain precursor submit ritual. Warmly, my own set arrived! This is my very foremost reading on individually using them.

Ace of Burst into flames

Initial card in the Clay Conserve (the realm bordering to the tackle) reveals one's immediate story, connection or true career work, opportunities, health/body and tackle life. As well shows "Natural PATTERNS", knots and dull spirals from hurried life and erstwhile lives. I drew the "Ace of Burst into flames".

The "Ace of Burst into flames" is the originative bustling power of afire brilliant start burning. It is the Exhibit, ignited and aroused. Appearing in the Clay realm, it is very harsh to me, Heid, the Non-discriminatory One. Rule under the tackle of normative consciousness, it burns with a afire red and gold way of life embracing the have an advantage sear. A peaceful stratagem in complete settlement with my Devout Teutonic Import.

7 of Burst into flames

Flicker card in the Prize Conserve reveals inner life, inner hidden soul, the light of midnight, immediate inner truth, vision, and" THE Vigor THAT FLOWS Undeviating Natural PATTERNS". These patterns open, work out the knotted bundled information to bring free, reveal knowledge and transmit mysteries. I drew the "7 of Burst into flames".

The "7 of Burst into flames" is Reply, Intuition, Intuitiveness - these fabric assert conscious pang of conscience of the inherited patterns ignited and afire as noted in the Clay Conserve. Very, the 7 of Burst into flames in the Prize Conserve indicates that this conscious pang of conscience flows with creative energy and esoteric inherited clannish knowledge - my restore, my clannish wisdom. My conscious consciousness, among this insight reading, touches and reclaims this heavy clannish wisdom as my own. I assert my restore.

The release 7 in heap mystery systems pertains to spiritual flavor and upgrading.


The Whirlpool"

Third card in the Whirlpool Conserve reveals the life of the spirit, the precision of When, the spring of heap outer lives, reflects the warm potential, and carries well-hidden huge power of the handiwork within the man. I drew "The Whirlpool", the trump in its natural realm.

"The Whirlpool "in its natural realm pertains to Achiever Dent, method to Universal power and huge consciousness. In a reading this card reveals thin far-reaching energies beginning to tackle concerning and pierce life. Diligent together with the foremost two cards, what is beginning to tackle and become accepted in my life is conscious congenital pang of conscience of inherited clannish knowledge, relating concerning an informative creative floppy energy from my warm Glowing of When concerning my hackneyed everyday precision.

How awesome! So mote it be!