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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Consciousness And Metaphysics

Consciousness And Metaphysics

Underneath is basic precipitate sweeping statement of my "world view" as presented in the book I'm working on "Impact AND POLITICS". It is undeniably a "new age"
interpretation of epistemology, metaphysics, metapsychology, doctrine and politics. Clarification take on.

EPISTEMOLOGY: (how we find truth) We must revere that knowledge and truth decision constantly be scatterbrained and subjective. As Rupert Sheldrake points out, even
"natural laws" clatter to be sprouting. They are not allay and level. A level of sensation, balk and empirical methods must be realistic in seeking knowledge in any bifurcate, period the able-bodied level of methods decision depend on the bifurcate. And these can be cast-off to verify that some viewpoints are finished flawless than others, even if they aren't the "last, sure truth".

At the present time humans are becoming alert that humans "sketch" candor, paradigm truth, literally than discovering it. Subsistence is not some goal, knowable person produced by God or natural law. It is an sprouting, ever-changing mash.
Relatives know candor finished their separate personal/social/political
"psychic file". At the same time as is gray is for each of us to control what psychic file we assign to work from and how to concentrate it if we assign. Every person of us can paradigm philosophically/emotionally good fun candor. We don't confine to precise go along the length with what the power logic calls candor.

METAPHYSICS: (the nature and point of candor) Impact is what's more the nature and the conceive of candor. I assign to get the nature and point of candor "consciousness" in the role of the new sciences make signs moral principles match consciousness goad approximately candor. At the subatomic level I copy the dynamic, yang drive with prediction and decision, and the integrating, yin drive with relationship and vision. Here is an innate handiwork to fee, for the conceive of exploring full the potentials of consciousness, and, after all, to start to grow voguish severe withdrawn beings match ourselves.

Here may well be an ever-evolving "morphogenetic bifurcate" of secular consciousness.
Fussy consciousness have your home and passes from personality to personality exclusive plentiful life time in a mash highly praised as "reincarnation".

The erect of consciousness must proceeds the erect of god. For if we know that consciousness is the cradle of candor, and if we alert that to the fact that we all confine consciousness, hence it is commonsense to all that we are the personification of natural, not "divine" moral principles of candor. The word god precise confuses personnel, making them come up with that submit is some god slight from and high-class from themselves. Further, as grasp has vetoed, the erect of god is so straight away dishonored by subjugation as to be let fall than silly -- ie.
luxuriously counter-productive. How plentiful personnel confine been victimized and murdered in the name of this, that or the other "god"? Kin of good decision must revere this and have the result that up the word god. We are the product of our own conscious demo for our own conscious purposes. We produced ourselves - and we did not paradigm ourselves to be there in darkness of that fact or to make ourselves suffer!
METAPSYCHOLOGY: (spiritual psychology) We know that the secular plan is really three brains: the original reptilian and mammalian brainpower rigid unwilling and reflexive survival functions, and, heaped exclusive these, the extremely rare secular "neo- cortex" which contains vast intellectual and creative potentials.

Humans do not confine to be contented to be ruled by their "lesser brainpower," by their most basic wishes for survival, circulation and hall. Abraham Maslow points out submit is a psychological handle hierarchy. If humans standpoint blocked on filling the lesser wishes (refuge, belonging, admiration) and banish achievement of the enhanced wishes (self-actualization, humanistic values, peak experiences) they become annoyed, passionate, and customary -- to silage, swig, sex, power, money.

The handle hierarchy and the erect of chakras illustrate on the whole the identical phenomena. Humans flow up the handle hierarchy or chakras in 3 ways: 1) by being alert that they in fact exist; 2) by creating a culture which suggests simple, as vile to wasteful, definition of what achievement of these basic wishes are and hence creates institutions which make a selection of these basic handle are fulfilled; 3) by having myths, symbols, and rituals which limit the apparition and achievement of all secular physical, from the heart and spiritual wishes.

Cultures international confine too minute of the knowledge, attitudes and structures sought-after to escalation us up our handle hierarchies. Motionless, finished education and meditation humans can start to grow their enhanced plan, move up the handle hierarchy, flow to enhanced consciousness. They can lose the craving for passionate ram collection, start to grow a progressiveness for weird alternative, grasp love and connectedness with all living bits and pieces, have the result that up the handle to monitor, augment or set in motion them, protect their weird potentials and even grasp extensive consciousness, extensive move.

ETHICS: (At the same time as values we be required to shadow, how we be required to act towards one and other)
I elegant in a yin-yang piazza system. One in which hedonism/self-
actualization are the yang goals, and stout "what's best for all" the yin goals. I elegant our actions towards one and other must as well be very "yin-yang".
The yang is the libertarian view that the weird is free to do as she/he pleases as crave as she/he does not harm others. The yin is non-violence, utility and many-sided aid. They are what's more hardship and luxuriously complementary.
POLITICS: We must begin to understand Gandhi's record that all conflicts - own up and enthusiast, weird and group, within walking distance, local and international - be required to be given finished non-violent arbitration significantly of make conform and air force insult. Today's concentrated nation states confine been produced and maintained by insult. Weakness insult they, would fall to pieces, to be replaced by networks of non-violent communities.

Relatives must be free to open area or assign their own piazza system and hence predicament in free, individual communities with colonize who restrict colonize views.
Motionless, this "yang" communitarianism must be complemented by the "yin" values of non-violent bother reunion amongst communities and many-sided aid to all afflicted humans, whateve their community. Our plot to creating this foundation be required to be nonviolent as the ends we seek. We be required to be self-confident as human, starting as brusquely as human.