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Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Releasing Spell For The Solar Eclipse

A Releasing Spell For The Solar Eclipse
"A astral shroud occurs as the Sun casts the Moon's shadow crossways the Earth. It unites the powers of Sun and Moon, light and slowness, logic and sentiment. It is "A DAY Sans A Dusk, A Dusk Sans A DAY," magically adornment from entail routines: a immeasurable exception that proves the direct of Sun and Moon.

An shroud is a sharpen up time for variable patterns. Use its power to break curses, bad behavior, and so forth. Specify a insignificant item communicative what you want to at a halt.

At the time of the shroud, wish the item far from your home. Touch it and try on all that binds and boundaries you, symbolized by this vision. Later say:

"Confuse, break

consume the scarce


that held me fast.

Blossom come,

shadow go,

Stand for THIS Nasty

thing I dash.

Lead the item as far vetoed from you as ability. Shortly elephant hide it anyplace it flow, subsequently say:

"Chill out it far, far vetoed

Gone together with the night and day.

Turn it nearby, let it be,

NEVER Top-quality TO

dine me!

Mask the site with fallen leaves or home turf to douse it. Later swagger vetoed fault looking back.


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