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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Ritual For Common Sense And Inspiration

Ritual For Common Sense And Inspiration Cover
You will need paper, pencil (a pen won't do), and a nice big eraser. A white vanilla scented candle.

STEP 1: Light the candle, and then think of one thing in yourself that keeps you from trusting or maybe even hearing your inner voice, your own opinions, your own hopes and dreams.

STEP 2: With your pencil, write a description of your block on the piece of white paper.

STEP 3: Think about this block for a while, and all the ways in which your life would be improved if it could only be erased.

STEP 4: Pick up the eraser, and begin to erase what you wrote on the paper. As you are erasing, say the following prayer three times:

Lady, cleanse me of this block.

Help me know through and through that:

the earth has wisdom, my body has wisdom,

a tree has wisdom, my heart has wisdom,

a bird has wisdom, my mind has wisdom,

Lady, cleanse me of this block.

Help me realize:

an ocean holds knowledge, just so does my mind

a fox has wiles, just so am I wily;

a child knows God, and so do I.

Help me find my innate wisdom and knowledge.

Lady, cleanse me of this block.

Help me know of these things:

common sense feeds the soul;

lyrical mysticism and visionary hope

belong in the everyday world;

I can grow and stretch a bit spiritually, every day.

STEP 5: If any smudges or pencil marks remain on the paper, if any trace of the original writing can still be seen, take the pencil now and turn them into stars, spirals, flowers, and suns. When there is no trace left of what you originally wrote, the ritual is complete. Snuff the candle and say:

Thank you Goddess.

~ Francesca de Grandis

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