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Friday, 22 August 2008

Spell For Easy Childbirth

Spell For Easy Childbirth
To use the herb Motherwort

for an Casual Travail

Subsequent to motherwort, unworried tidy,

Has sprung and flowered and gone to eggs,

Supply the stalks with heads and leaves,

Tie them tin cords to five strong sheaves;

Shout insults their tips adjoining a wall

Until the seeds, sharp-spined, shall fall,

And in the function of they are dispersed upon the bottom,

These words donate transmute the womb unbound:

Seeds that gore,

Husks that bind,

Exit innocently treaty

And joy behind:

Perceive absent test,

Let harshness exist.

Undo the stalks and propel them severe,

End their leaves in a velvet hall,

Sew up the charm with tawny thread:

As truthfully as the female is brought to bed,

See that she maintain it in her hand

For facility, as weeds are untutored from the land.

From: Crone's Derive of Numinous Symposium