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Friday, 1 August 2008

Working The Magick Of The Classical Planets

Working The Magick Of The Classical Planets
Full of zip the Magick of the Style Planets in the Western Much-repeated Live out

David Rankine and Sorita d'Este.

I prearranged this book via Amazon, and it in vogue paddock week... I presume had an income in using stellar magic for a few sparkle now and I was looking for a basic guide that I might use for reference. According to the author's claims Practical Planetary magic is thought as a basic guide to working with these energies in the Western Much-repeated Live out.

The book did not protection an stand, sinking its skilled as a reference. Equally put on is a fleeting 2 page reference dictionary with totally four definitions. The authors likewise included meditation guides to each of the seven planets, and an P.S. with Blonde dawn Rituals, angelic invocations and various other references.

I found that masses of the finances that they included within this book can be modestly found from a few grimories such as the Heptameron, Enochian magic, Kabbalism and Hermetics, and Wicca. The authors bent a long way of their stellar references from Agrippa, ["which I acquiesce with"] when Agrippa was a full of meaning store of indication for masses magicians in the region of time. Yet, put on are other bits of references which were gathered from pompous modern sources on a par Aleister Crowley, The Key of Solomon, and the Unadorned Magicians Tables ["Stephen Skinner"] that the authors used as a refill for some of the pompous curtain stellar references of Agrippa.

I did not find, as the book claimed, that the history of the stellar energies and their use in magic in the region of history, were discussed in any range. I was looking prominent to learning how the use of stellar magic evolved in the region of time, but to a certain extent put on were factual errors and imaginary or overhanging histories. Ceiling of this book is a random collection of substance that were complete from the Blonde First light, Enochian Illusion, and Christian grimories.

I was particularly knowledgeable in the cram on Olympian Confidence. Yet, they provided mean references as to their birth, citing that they '"Seemingly originated from Greece"'. I was not expecting to see the word '"doubtless"' to boom the history of the Olympians, in a book that was alleged to be a accumulate store of information.

Equally, within the point on Olympian Confidence, the authors price that the Olympic spirits are a above store of stellar energies to work from, as compared to kabbalistic or angelic sources. Their tolerate for this was, as they supposed ["version"] '"The Olympian spirits are comprised of all the elements, spell Demons and Angels are totally comprised of the element of Air"'.

The element of Air?

I found this to be weird, and fault an manifestation of why this is so, i had to outdated it off as the innocence of the writer's understanding of the world of religious magic, and theurgic magic in global. For primary so forceful to their secret code of magic the point on the Olympians was unremarkable, totally containing a few pages ["utmost of which were reference charts"] It likewise completed me presage why the control of the book was about kabbalistic, Enochian angelic evocations, and christian angelic hierarchies and references if they claimed ["within this point"] that all of persons things were totally associated with the element of air.

the authors gripe that their secret code of stellar magic can be used by human being, from any path in magic. I wondered if their gripe was true, but as soon as reading this book it is make that utmost of the evident was premeditated for an transpire knowledgeable in Circumstances Magick as exact by Hebrew, Christian and Enochian Grimoires. *note: I do not really presume an income in combining holier-than-thou aspects with magic, in addition for instance working with stellar energies.

Stage were totally references to Angels, in encircle with the planets spell the darker aspects of the stellar energies were overlooked or totally polished advanced promptly.

Yet - I mull over in my opinion to be an advanced reader - so spell it did not final up to my hopes it might maybe be a laudable hoard and starting height for persons who are knowledgeable in some light reading on stellar magic, and as a reference book. I assume I command give rise to having this book in my library as a join reference to the planets.