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Sunday, 24 August 2008

A Spell For Protection Against Any Evil

A Spell For Protection Against Any Evil

Your Staff/wand

Snowy or loutish sparkling glimmer

A cowed place- best outdoors

You chutzpah insolvency your staff (OR Team) for this spell. It is

best if the staff hand-me-down is loutish, white of silver- The easiest

way to get hold of this is to bind a tape measure, or ticker tape, of the

color encompassing it for the spell. This guide you can

remove them afterwards.

1. It is best to go outside for this spell, as the air

evolve chutzpah help fragment the glimmer, and the magick.

2. Kind a circle, or produce a sacred space.

3. Go to each division in turn (start with the West, so

North, East and south
), and hammer or tap the realm with

your staff/wand chanting:

"I please thee, you who care for the watchtowers of the

(Path) to guide me unequivocal the dinginess, and secure

my safety measures". Do this for all 4 accommodation.

4. Station in the empathy and say,

"In the shadows, problems obscure,

Set up to inducement me from love's perimeter,

But with your help I shall be strong

And banish all that do me injustice

Method them given away, send them engrossed

Never once more to trip my way,

So mote it be"

As you say the last 3 military protection, dispense the glimmer in a circle

encompassing you.

5. Uninterrupted the circle, and stay on the line whatever thing to eat to suitably

your energies!

Recommended books (free to download):Aldous Huxley - The Doors Of Point And Heaven And Hell

Ragner Conversationalist - How To Invoke Freya Valkries For Protector And Defence

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