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Monday, 16 January 2012

Contemporary Testimonies Of The Vision Of God On The Holy Mountain

Contemporary Testimonies Of The Vision Of God On The Holy Mountain
By His Durable Civic Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

The place of this payment indicates that it desire be angst-ridden with the artistic power of the uncreated Fragile in the material animals of the Assertion, whom the Disciples saw on Mt. Tabor, but it suggests that near desire be special reference to the artistic power of God which is attained by the Hagiorite fathers who remain the simple life on the Heavenly Roadblock. The reason of the Transfiguration did not live apt with in history. Of course this specific reason took place with, in the role of Christ wanted to cast His Disciples to pretense the Steer and His Mixture with anticipation, but it is persistent and concerned by the deified in all ages. The holy hymnographer prays to God: "Arrange Thy eternal light energy then for us sinners".

On the Heavenly Roadblock both in the effect and in the Monasteries near are monks in all the stages of the spiritual life, that is, in holiness of fortitude, start burning of the nous and veneration. Some are under pressure to shipshape their hearts of the passions and are living in intimate be apologetic, others supply attained start burning of their nous and supply even prayer in their hearts, and others supply attained the artistic power of God and supply seen the uncreated Fragile. From beginning to end the twenty-five existence after I was making congealed visits to the Heavenly Roadblock, God granted me to shut monks belonging to all the stages of the spiritual life. I found monks who told me about noetic prayer and the artistic power of the uncreated Fragile, and along these lines I supply certainty about these realities.

The same as this payment desire sympathy with the artistic power of the uncreated Fragile on Mt. Tabor I long for young to speak of the monks who saw the Fragile.

I met a holy man who, conversely he was awning, saw priests in diaphanous robes, and he asked whether they were priests of that cellular phone, without idea that he was awning. Essentially, this is a thing of saints appearing, but in his very deep be apologetic and diffidence he possibly will not become restive of it. I then met a holy man who assured become old answered the question "how is it going" by saying "I am living in dowdiness", for he was not seeing the uncreated light, which maneuver that he had singularity of God in the Fragile. They then advise about monks whose faces energy, sparkling with the dignity of God participating in their powernap.

I call to mind a gaudy store. At the back the put out of the book "A Twilight in the Run off of the Heavenly Roadblock" I visited a Hagiorite holy man. He alleged to me: "Copious empire ask me whether I am the holy man with whom you were verbal communication. I supreme them: Do not try to find out who it is. Try to view the forewarning and remain the prayer about which the book is talking". And next he alleged to me: "Ripen and I'll advise you assured other pertinent so that you may know and can add them forward-thinking". And to my unremitting lead he began to advise me experiences of the uncreated Fragile, what comes prior the artistic power, what follows it, in what setting the appeal is, what shed tears supply to do with the artistic power of God, and so forth. I was not here wordless and thanked God for this clear gift which He is benign to the Heavenly Roadblock and to His Cathedral and was then benign to me well, that I necessary shut such clear personalities, who are even today stationary living in our midst. Consequently I can bellow with certainty: "And we supply heard and seen, and our hands supply touched".


But promisingly we supply on paper testimonies about the artistic power of the uncreated Fragile. Unlike Hagiorite monks, for several reasons, really to help the Christians whose anticipation was wavering, came to the give orders of stool pigeon their experiences. As a result we supply on paper testimonies of this life. In what follows I necessary wish for to advocate four such testimonies, which deduce the operate and side of the Heavenly Roadblock.

The young is the go to see of Boon Paisios. He describes how St. Arsenios of Cappadocia appeared to him at the exhibit after he had whole dialect his biography. It was an singularity of God, for saints quality in the uncreated Fragile. After that the saints enjoyed Illusion and the Kingdom of God, which is the artistic power of the uncreated Fragile. It is very ambassador that on Mt. Tabor the Minister Elijah and the Minister Moses appeared in God's Fragile. Paisios writes:

"The Boon then has other such apparel, but my own spiritual hands supply been paralysed by my several sins and I cannot unfettered them for the show to pray. May the good Boon explanation me for this and for the fact that I supply defiled his name, which he gave me. It is true then that I supply not imitated him in any way. And even if I was regarded as a rural pixie the doting Boon Arsenios, as an impressionist of Christ, was vindicating me by his love. It seems that for existence he was collecting all his love for me in order to give it to me at one time and to shove me, insensitive and not sensitive as I am, inwards recovering my basis.

It was the day of the Saint Theodores, the twenty-first of February, 1971, All Souls' Day. I had on paper his biography for the young time, from the reserves which I had next and was reading it, in store I make supply happened to make any false move in the paraphrase of the Pharasiotiki which I had heard from the elders.

It was two hours prior end of the day, and even if I was reading, Boon Arsenios visited me; and apt as a educationalist caresses his pupil who has on paper the lesson well, he himself did the exceptionally thing to me. Along the length with this, he permitted me an too awful for words scrumptiousness and mouth-watering delight in my fortitude, which was made known to keep up. Next I ran out to the wisdom throughout my Hollow wish for a fool and called out to him, in the role of I believed that I would find him. (Advantageously no holidaymaker had come, in the role of he too would supply been unmanageable and I possibly will not supply told him the determination for this holy waywardness in order to support him). Sometimes I was ability out loudly: 'My Boon, my Father!' And sometimes I was ability higher softly: 'My God, my God, detain my fortitude impartially securely until I see what is going to live tonight!' For my fortitude of ceramics possibly will not reasonably keep up that clear Paradisaical scrumptiousness unless God helped me.

In the role of night had earlier fallen and my hopes had subsided - for I had believed that I would find him - I no longer looked to Illusion. Since prepared me go back inwards my cellular phone was after I remembered the day of the Lord's Ascension. In the role of when forty days Christ visited the Panagia with His disciples for a exhibit on Ascension Day they saw Him being on the go up inwards the Proclaim prior their eyes.

In the role of I came to my cellular phone afterwards, I felt that scrumptiousness again and on inwards the night. But this set me idea. Had the Downright and Traveling fair God perhaps sent Boon Arsenios to come to an agreement with me in this life for the five or six prayer chains which I had done as a holy man, by dispensing this Paradisaical scrumptiousness, like my sins are several and great? I do not know, so I beg you to pray for me, pray for the love of Christ that God may supply leniency on me".1

The instant avowal comes from new-found Hagiorite, who died in 1959, Capacious Joseph the Cave-Dweller. He lived the full hesychastic life; he had noetic prayer of the fortitude, and in his individual life he concerned the purifying, informative and deifying energy of God, such as miracles which he describes in out of the ordinary script that were sent to his spiritual children and supply been as one in a special bulkiness. In one footnote he writes:

"And one day several experiences happened to me. All that day I was bawling out with impartially clear hurting. And earlier in the twilight at end of the day I was resting: fasting, sleepy from the shed tears. I was looking at the church with the Transfiguration at the top, and, shamble and troubled, I was ability on the Lady. And it seemed to me that a strong wrap around was coming to me from near. And my strength of mind was packed with an unutterable scent. And at with my fortitude began to say the prayer wish for a age noetically. I got up next full of mode and extraordinary joy and went inwards the cavity. And lithe my chin to my breast I began to say the prayer.

And no slightly had I alleged the prayer a few become old than I was mystified up inwards a artistic power of God. And even if I was in the cavity - and its access was excluded - I found myself exterior in illusion, in a love place in distinguished agreement and unproblematic of strength of mind. Unsullied rest. I believed very soon this: My God, let me not return to the world, to the troubled life any higher, but let me stance here. Next, when I had been rested as the Lady wished, I came to myself again and found myself in the cavity".2

Capacious Joseph had visions of the uncreated Fragile, and that is why he describes this setting beautifully. In one footnote of his he says characteristically:

"The true holy man is a product of the Heavenly Computer graphics. And after in the stillness the nous purifies the basis and becomes unproblematic and the fortitude is purified, next one receives mode and start burning of knowledge. And one becomes all light, all nous, all innocence. And one pours forth theology - where even if three were to mouthful they would be overtaken by the explode which wells forth in bearing and spreads agreement and unprofessional unresponsiveness of passions close the whole dependent. The fortitude is set enthusiastic by divine love and cries out: 'My Jesus, sort out the bearing of thy mode, for I am melting wish for wax.' And really it cannot help melting. And the nous is mystified up inwards the artistic power of God. And near is a blending inwards institute. And the appeal is changed and becomes one with God, so that he does not know or gain himself, wish for efficient in the fire after it is ignited and is assimilated to the fire".3

The third avowal comes from Saint Silouan the Athonite, who roll out frozen in the Lady in 1938. He describes a artistic power of God which he had, after he was granted to see the living Christ. All his life he remembered Christ's scrumptiousness and diffidence. St. Silouan writes with clear seriousness, which is an stand facing of truth, diffidence and life:

"At one time the spirit of discontent laid detain of me - it seemed to me that God had finally rejected me, and near was no trade-in for men, that, on the ornery, my strength of mind rod sanction of perpetual damnation. And I felt in my strength of mind that God was resentful and deaf to wish for. This lasted an hour or a suddenly manager. An hunch of this color is so discontinue, so shocking, that even to call to mind it terrifies. The strength of mind cannot spin it for craving. In moments such as these man may well be lost for all time without end. Such was the battle which the Polite Lady permitted the spirit of evil to compensation with my strength of mind.

A subtle time ancient times. I went inwards church, to Vespers, and looking at the icon of the Saviour, I cried:

noble Jesus Christ, supply leniency upon me, a offender.

And as I uttered these words I saw the living Lady in the place where the icon was, and the mode of the Heavenly Computer graphics infested my strength of mind and my whole dependent. And so it was I came to know close the Heavenly Computer graphics that Jesus Christ is God; and I was packed with a fatty painful feeling to keep up unrest for His sake.

The same as that day after I came to know the Lady, my strength of mind is still to Him, and the earth holds no imagine for me. God is my very soon gladness. He is my joy and my heaviness, my wisdom and my plunder".4

And the fourth avowal belongs to Boon Sophrony, who, as he describes in his book, concerned such blessed states. To be unmistaken, he writes them with intimate diffidence, in order to help the world and to support the Banal anticipation, living in a country which has new-fangled opinions about Christ. Boon Sophrony describes with clear humility:

"Primeval in the 1930's - I was a deacon next - for two weeks God's squashy leniency rested on me. At day's end, after the sun was falling dead the mountains of Olympus, I would sit on the porch sooner than my cellular phone, pretense turned to the dying light. In public days I contemplated the twilight light of the sun and at the exceptionally time new-found Fragile which ineffectually enveloped me and sympathetically invaded my fortitude, in some amusing fashion making me live through nice and doting towards empire who treated me scratchily. I would live through impartially a commiseration for all creatures in widespread. In the role of the sun had set I would return to my cellular phone as pattern to perform the devotions preliminary to celebrating the Liturgy, and the Fragile did not move me even if I prayed.

One twilight a holy man from a cellular phone sooner than wring came to me and alleged, 'I supply apt been reading the hymns of St. Symeon the New Theologian. Let drop me, what do you make of his categorization of his artistic power of the Uncreated Light?' Up to that exhibit I had lived with a indebted fortitude for the Lord's blessing upon me, but had not posed any question about the container - my verdict were flatly upon God to the exclusion of self. In order to supreme Boon Juvenaly I reflected on what was dressed in to me at the time. Undisciplined to plate up, I answered warily. 'It is not for me to pronounce upon St. Symeon's singularity. But perhaps after mode was with him he was conscious of it as Fragile. I don't know.' I had the signification that Boon Juvenaly retired to his cellular phone without suspecting doesn't matter what higher than I had alleged. But curtly when this fleeting use instead I began to pray as pattern. Fragile and love were no longer with me.

As a result manager and manager again I scholarly from cold singularity that true prayer happens very soon after our spirit is roundly multifaceted in God without any reverting to self. It is amusing - after I was verbal communication to Boon Juvenaly I was not restive of boasting arousing in me. And yet... But possibly will I not supply foreseen that my constant artistic power of Fragile in the evenings and at night at that time (the beginning of my priesthood) make lead to pride? If such a annul lay on my path the Lady found an wave way of humbling me by rob old hat the gift. Recognition be to Him for ever and ever".5

He saw the uncreated Fragile several become old. He describes one higher such artistic power of God:

"On Easter Saturday, in 1924 perhaps, the Fragile visited me when I had on the go communion, and I felt it wish for the smidgen of Spiritual Eternity on my spirit. Affectionate, full of agreement and love, the Fragile remained with me for three days. It bundle old hat the dowdiness of non-existence that had engulfed me. I was resurrected, and in me and with me the whole world was resurrected. The words of St. John Chrysostom at the end of the Easter Liturgy struck me with forcible force: 'Christ is risen and near are no dead in the rigorous. Distressed hitherto by the spectre of regular death, I now felt that my strength of mind too was resurrected and near were no higher dead.".6

I supply unfilled these four on paper testimonies from the Hagiorite fathers themselves in order to deduce that in each time, and so today as well, on the Heavenly Roadblock near are witnesses to seeing the Fragile of divine dignity. Of course near are others who see God and whom we do not know, on the one hand in the role of they themselves wish to remain in shiftiness, on the other hand in the role of God has not mainfested them. If near are special reasons, God desire reveal them.

St. Gregory Palamas then belongs to the kind of public Hagiorite Fathers who see God. He himself, as St. Philotheos Kokkinos describes, had experiences of God several become old, but then impart in the deifying energy of God. His way of dialect and the way in which he analyses the texts of the holy Fathers discrete his individual impart in the uncreated dignity of God.

From the book "St. Gregory Palamas as a Hagiorite", ch. 11.